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AdventHealth for Children, formerly Florida Hospital for Children, is a leader in providing whole-person care for kids. And we are excited to train our future general and subspecialty pediatricians who feel called to join us on our mission to heal in body, mind and spirit. Our Pediatric Residency Program led by Stacy A. McConkey, MD, FAAP, applies the adult learning and Disney Guest Service model to support our residents’ advancement in all core competencies, including patient care, satisfaction, quality and safety.

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Comprehensive Training

for Comprehensive Pediatric Care

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to train tomorrow’s well balanced  pediatricians to provide the highest quality, whole person care to children.

We aim to:

  1.  Provide dynamic , personalized training for each resident to allow them to achieve their career goals.
  2. Train residents to recognize and support whole person care for patients and for themselves
  3. Recruit and supporting a diverse group of residents to care for our internationally and culturally diverse population, providing a family atmosphere among our team. 
  4. Expose residents to a high volume, culturally and economically diverse population with a wide variety of pediatric disorders in all areas of Pediatric sub-specialties while preserving our culture of Education over Service. 
  5. Teach residents to deliver high quality, evidence based comprehensive care to our patients in a patient centered manner in multidisciplinary teams.
  6. Provide individualized teaching with faculty who are accomplished and experienced providers themselves.
Work With Our Team

As a pediatric resident at AdventHealth for Children, you will be caring for patients alongside a fully functional team that includes faculty physicians, medical students, nurses, physician extenders and our extensive support staff. This allows you to focus on the educational aspect of patient care with a multidisciplinary team behind you to support your professional development and responsibilities in healing our pediatric patients.

Comprehensive Training

The Pediatric Residency Program’s educational curriculum covers a wide variety of conferences, from case based discussions, lectures and hands on training in simulation for procedures and patient care, to morning report style conferences with faculty involvement. We ensure that your experience with us is comprehensive and thorough, nurturing your personal interests and goals along the way.

You Have Our Support

The pediatric residency rotation schedule allots six rotations over three years to your choice, making it easy to create an individualized curriculum for attaining training goals in general pediatrics or a subspecialty. For more information on our Pediatric Residency Program, please contact Nancy Ramos, [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does being affiliated with a religious belief affect your medical practice?

A: No, in fact, we see many positive aspects of our affiliation with the Adventist Church – the practices of the church stress whole person care, and how all aspects of a person’s life affect their health. There are no edicts from the church that prevent physicians from discussing birth control, end of life practices, no restrictions on other religions from ministering to the needs of their patients in our hospitals. We have active participation by our Chaplains from every denomination in our Family Centered Rounds to assist with the spiritual needs of our patients.


Q: How does your program size compare to other hospitals and how does it affect your patients?

A:  Our philosophy in designing this program, was to build a program that prioritizes residency education over service. A hospital with over 200 beds and 10,000 admissions per year, could easily support a larger residency program. That was not the goal of AdventHealth for Children. We have designed a residency program that can be tailored to each residents’ individual needs for education. We have amazing diversity and breadth of pediatric disorders. We have incorporated caps in our inpatient units to ensure that residents learning experiences are optimized by seeing enough patients with a broad variety of pathology, while not overworking them by making them carry the entire workload of the hospital. We have both teaching and non-teaching services to help round out patient care.  We also offer opportunities for residents to work in multidisciplinary teams.


Q: What is your board pass rate?

A: We currently have a board pass rate of 73%, which is an average over the past 3 years for first time boards takers. It is our top priority to ensure residents pass their boards and take this very seriously. We are striving for a 100% boards pass rate, and have made numerous changes to our boards review study plan for residents, including the purchasing of the Med Study Q bank for all residents, Jeopardy style board review faculty, and Board study plans designed specifically for individuals with their mentors.


Q: What are your recruitment rates?

A: Prior to 2019 we had 100% fill rate in the Match. Last year, we recruited an amazing group of residents in our PGY1 class, who have broadened the horizons of who we considered for interviews in 2019. As a result, we had a 100% fill rate this year, with excellent results and we are looking forward to virtual recruiting this year due to COVID-19.


Q: What are your medical school affiliations?

A: We are currently associated with several medical schools, both osteopathic and allopathic including LECOM, FSU, UCF, Nova. Our newest affiliation is with Loma Linda Medical School which began in 2019 . By 2022, our Florida campus will be regional. 


Q: What is your medical student rotation process like?

A: We have both M3 and M4 rotations that we offer at our site, involving both inpatient and outpatient rotations. For M3s, we have both DO and MD students rotating with us and are part of core pediatric rotations for Loma Linda, Nova SE, KCUMB and LECOM schools. For M4 rotations, we offer Sub Internships (Acting Internships) on the General Pediatric floors, PICU and NICU rotations, and select subspecialty rotations. We strive to keep a balance with learners on the teams to ensure that everyone has adequate patient volume to experience learning and teaching.


Q: Will I be able to do procedures? Is there a number of procedures applicable to residents?

A: Yes, you will be allowed and will have lots of opportunities to do procedures- we have simulated models 95% of ACGME required procedures, and have multiple opportunities per year to practice the procedures in a simulated environment, as well as abundant opportunities to perform procedures under the supervision of well-trained mid-level providers and faculty physicians. There are no fellows at AHFC currently, thus maximizing exposure to procedures for out residents.  We pride ourselves on our residents having a large amount of procedure training that often sets them ahead when starting their new career.


Q: Are there other residents at AdventHealth for Children?

A: We have around 180 residents / fellows in the GME program here at AdventHealth for Children. We work with residents from our FM MD and FM DO programs on our inpatient, general pediatrics and newborn services, and our ED residents in the PICU. We do not have any pediatrics fellows currently and do intermittently have ARNP/ PA staff that are training or orienting on our non-teaching services. Our primary concern and priority are teaching our pediatric residents but enjoy the interactions and learning from other residents that work with us and are rotating on pediatric services such as peds surgery, ED, and radiology. We do not allow medical students, PA students or ARNP students to displace residents, or have them working on the same rotation simultaneously.


Q: What kind of research opportunities do you provide?

A: Our residents are all required to produce a scholarly product during residency and have been very prolific! Residents can choose to do any kind of project; we have several national studies that we are participating in (see link) as well as independent research projects being completed by faculty (see link). If you have a research interest or question that you would like to develop, we can connect you with our GME research team as well as our AdventHealth for Children  research team with a large variety of resources at your disposal, including assistance w project design, data collection, IRB protocols, Medical editing, and Biostatistician consultation. All of this is free of charge, and many projects can be carried out without requiring funding. You can do 2 research blocks over your 3 years in residency. 


Q: If you do not have any fellowships available, how do residents get into the fellowship of their choice?

A:  We have had a 100% fellowship match rate over the past 4 years. We understand that residents may want to get a feel for an even larger children’s hospital so we allow our residents to do away rotations (one per year) to experience other programs and help fellowship directors get to know the high quality, well trained residents that are graduating our programs. We also have sub-specialists in all fields who are very willing to mentor residents, work with them on publishing research, and reaching out to their contacts in the field who might be willing to meet our residents in interviews. Being part of a small program has real benefits in your faculty getting to know you!


Q:  What kind of opportunities do residents have to participate in International health?

A: Residents can do one away rotation per year in their PGY2 and 3 years- this would include international health rotations. You would be eligible to locate a rotation with an outside group that provides rotations, or we can design one with one of our many footprint hospitals, including a month long, all expenses paid (including airfare) rotation in Guam. For those who would like a shorter-term mission opportunity, check out the medical mission trips that are organized by Global Mission Initiatives (link here) including a Pediatric specific mission, Operation Sunshine that works to provide primary care for Orphanages in Port Au Prince Haiti. The cost of these missions is borne by the resident.


Q: When will fellowships be available?

A:  We are working toward offering fellowships in areas of clinical strength, and the first one will likely be a Neonatology fellowship. AdventHealth for Children is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a Best Children’s Hospital for newborn care and we feel that having NICU fellows will only improve the education of our residents and care for our patients. We are hoping to get a program launched in the next few years, after establishing an OB/ GYN residency.


Q: What opportunities are there for residents to work with the underserved? 

A: Opportunities abound in the diverse city of Orlando. Residents have initiated multiple projects with underserved, including a Health fair for one of our most economically depressed area High schools where residents have partnered with a group high school student involved with the schools Medical Magnet program. Residents meet regularly with the students, who are hungry for knowledge of the medical field and how they might prepare for future careers. We are also active in the Florida Chapter of the AAP, sending representatives to the National meeting, as well as to experience Legislative advocacy via our Day on the Hill. Our QI projects have involved looking at disparities in our healthcare system for our patients with asthma, and there are many other opportunities to develop projects in this arena!


Q: How diverse is the patient population at AdventHealth for Children?

A:  Residents and faculty frequently comment on the excellent variety of pathology that comes through our hospital: we serve a broad area across Central Florida as the only Children's Hospital in the AdventHealth network, so we get an excellent variety of both pathology and diversity of our patients. We serve multiple communities here in Orlando, with a fantastic mix of both culture, race and socioeconomic status. Being the hospital closest to Disney (AdventHealth Celebration) offers the opportunity to see a wide variety of vacationers with emergent issues- always ask a good travel history in our hospital! 


Q: How has COVID-19 affected your hospital?

A:  We were very fortunate to be spared the brunt of disease in Central Florida. The AdventHealth system did an excellent job at preparation for the possible surge, with thorough planning involving the prospective of the Pediatric Residents (as well as all GME), and all the team at AdventHealth for Children. We limited exposure of the residents to PUIs and COVID patients and did not pull or furlough our residents during the Pandemic. We have had excellent support both emotionally, financially and physically through our hospital system, who spared no expense. Currently, we are reopening our services, including clinics and elective procedures, and are seeing an increase in volumes again.


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