Alexandra Lajeunesse

Alexandra Lajeunesse

Alexandra Gleason is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She received her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Rollins College, and has over 10 years of counseling experience in a variety of settings, including both individual and group therapy. She has a specialty in trauma treatment and is EMDR trained, as well as Critical Intervention Stress Management (CISM) trained. She presented at the 2012 ASGW National Conference on the topic of Mindfulness and Mediation. She has developed and facilitated a large variety of counseling groups including: team building, anger management, addictions, relationships, and mindfulness. Alexandra is currently coordinating and facilitating programming for physician residents’ resilience and wellbeing. Alexandra endeavors to help connect physicians to their “why”, and provide the tools and support to foster personal growth and resilience.

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Flourish Inaugural Year 2018-2019

Our inaugural year of this resident wellbeing initiative involved a 6-week small groups program, that focused on the CREATION Health principles of wellness. Each group meeting focused on core principles: choice, trust, interpersonal relationships, and outlook. The format of the groups included education, discussion, experiential art, and self-reflection activities.
Residents from each program in the AHS Central South Division attended these 90-minute groups for six weeks over a four-month period. Those who consented completed a survey package of validated measures administered by AdventHealth Whole Person Research.
Key findings from the Flourish pilot:

  • Improvements in trust (72.4%) and communication skills (74.5%) were reported among residents
  • Many reported to like the small group format
  • Residents prefer to have autonomy and the ability to choose how they integrate self-care

Here's what is new this year:

  • Freedom to choose from a variety of programs
  • Skill-based group offerings (e.g. cooking classes and a financial seminar)
  • Flexibility of time offerings
  • CREATION Life Incentives (receive points towards the $250 bonus)

Resident Services

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  • Counseling and Psychotherapy

    We offer professional, evidence-based counseling focused on the findings of neuroscience that inform treatment.  

  • Coaching

    Coaching is a process that involves developing and implementing strategies to reach personal and professional goals. 

  • Residency Small Group

    Many residents enjoyed the small group format of last year’s Flourish program.

  • Workshops and Events

    Our workshops offer the opportunity to learn, practice new skills, de-stress, connect and have fun.

Program Options

Unless noted otherwise, all of our workshops, events, and activities listed fulfill the GME requirement and provide points towards the CREATION Health Employees Wellness Incentive. Visit our Events page for more information, including workshop descriptions, dates, times, and locations. To download our full events calendar, which includes full descriptions, click here.

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Educational Workshops

Educational workshops provide knowledge and skill development in the areas of parenting, self-care, moral injury in healthcare, interpersonal communication, healthy relationships, and more! These workshops function as a "lunch and learn" experience, and are scheduled for your convenience.  Click here to explore our available educational workshops.

Experiential Workshops

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience and is both an active and reflective process. Experiential workshops focus on gaining knowledge and/or skills firsthand, rather than simply hearing or reading about a topic. These fun, hands-on groups include activities such as cooking, mindfulness meditation, couples dinners, and nature based adventures. Click here to explore our available experiential workshops.

Residency Small Groups

Many residents enjoyed the small group format of last year's Flourish program and requested something similar this year. After reading residents' feedback, this Flourish option was designed as an ongoing, drop-in style group that will take place throughout the year in order to accommodate as many residents' schedules as possible.
Please note: In order to protect confidentiality, attendance for this group will not be reported to the GME and is therefore not eligible to be used to fulfill the GME requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to sign up or register for events/workshops? If so, how do I sign up?

Only some of the experiential events require registration and are marked on events page. A link is provided that will direct you to a registration form.

Do I have to attend any events?

Yes, per Dr. Portoghese and GME, all residents must attend 1 event every 6 months with a minimum of 2 events annually. We've developed a wide variety of events this year, so we hope you will want to attend even more!

What happens if I don't meet the 2-event requirement?

Program Directors are responsible for all GME requirements. Please check with your department.

Do all of the CPW's events count towards the GME requirement and the CREATION Life incentive?

Unless noted otherwise, all of our workshops, events, and activities provided fulfill the GME requirement and provide points towards the CREATION Life incentive.

How do I meet the requirement if I am at Winter Park or East?

All residents are invited to any CPW event they can attend. Family Medicine residents at Winter Park and East will have access to our events during their rotations at Orlando. We are available to provide workshops upon request for Emergency Medicine residents at East. Additionally, established programming is available via Dr. Spruill and Dr. Gui for these residency programs, although they will not be eligible for the CREATION Life incentive points.

Who can I contact?

If you have any other questions, please contact Alex Gleason, your Flourish Program Coordinator, at Call407-303-9674.

Residents qualify for 6 free counseling or coaching sessions with the Center for Physician Wellbeing (CPW). You will work with an objective, trained professional who provides a safe, trusting, and helpful environment.