A girl painting a mural

Sparking Joy Through Art

At AdventHealth for Children, we believe the best recovery begins in an inspiring environment. Thanks to YouTube sensation ZHC and their team, our campus now has one-of-a-kind murals in spaces big and small, sparking wonder and joy for our patients and team members. While they were here, the ZHC team also blessed our patients and families with $240,000 in donations. We're thankful for the ZHC team's artistic talents and heartfelt generosity as we help healing happen for children of all ages.

Pattern of geometric shapes for Disney Team of Heroes
Mickey Mouse with a young patient at AdventHealth for Children.

Disney Team of Heroes and AdventHealth for Children

Disney Team of Heroes delivers comfort and inspiration to families with children facing serious illness by reimagining the patient and family experience in children’s hospitals. Learn how Disney Team of Heroes comes to life at AdventHealth for Children.                       

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Caring for You and Your Family

Information and Resources

Woman Chatting with Doctor on phone

Our goal is for children and families who visit us to feel at home. We know that a hospital can be a scary place for a young child. So at AdventHealth for Children, formerly Florida Hospital for Children, we’ve gone out of our way to create an environment that is friendly and perhaps even a little fun.

Doctor with Child and Family

We believe that visitors are an important part of the healing process. At AdventHealth for Children, we want your family and friends to feel as comfortable as possible while they're here.

Volunteer Discussion with Doctor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at AdventHealth for Children. We are very pleased that you want to contribute to our efforts to provide superior children's health care in the community. We are proud to offer our volunteers some unique and highly rewarding opportunities.

Holding a Kids Hands

We are growing into one of the leading children’s hospitals in the United States, in large part because of the generous donations and support from our community. 

A Caucasian family laughs as they pile on the couch together.

Whether you’re across town or across the globe, the skilled pediatricians at AdventHealth for Children offer you and your child the most advanced medical treatments available.

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Empowering Children to Thrive Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

West Lakes Early Learning Center

AdventHealth for Children is excited to be a founding partner for West Lakes Early Learning Center offering onsite health, wellness and social services to students six weeks to five year of age and their families. Learn how West Lakes Early Learning Center is igniting children’s imaginations, preparing them for academic and social success, and promoting a lifelong love of learning.

Doctor Keating using a stethoscope on his child patient

A Decade of Hope, Healing, and Highlights

The AdventHealth for Children Commemorative Report highlights over a decade of some of the amazing work that has happened throughout our network of care. In this short time, we have advanced our children’s hospital from a newly established facility to a leader in pediatric health care at a regional and national level — and we’re excited to share our story with you.

AdventHealth for Children

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