About the Program

The ONMM3 Program at AdventHealth East Orlando has recently gained initial accreditation through the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and will be recruiting up to TWO residents annually with training starting in 2021-22.
It is a one-year residency program dedicated to training the resident OMM. ONMM3 residents will be trained by THREE board-certified Neuro-muscular medicine (NMM/OMM) core faculty members. Training is focused on reviewing making accurate osteopathic diagnoses (somatic dysfunctions) as well as performing various modalities of treatment including, but not limited to, High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA), Muscle Energy (MET), Counterstrain (CS), Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release along with Cranial and Visceral techniques. Additionally, the resident will be trained to utilize other procedures related to treating patients with neuro-musculo-skeletal ailments including Trigger point injections, Prolotherapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections while utilizing Ultrasound guidance.

Richard Margaitis, DO

Richard Margaitis, DO

Residents are trained and treat patients in both the outpatient (Center for Family Care) and the inpatient setting (AdventHealth East Orlando hospital), which are within walking distance of each other. ONMM3 Residents will work along and help train Family Medicine residents as well as medical students from a variety of osteopathic medical schools. There are weekly half-day academic didactic sessions dedicated to OMM as well as Family Medicine. There is also a special emphasis placed on non-surgical orthopedics, sports medicine training with opportunities to help cover professional ice hockey and basketball games. Also, the resident will be exposed to and participate in the care of patients in our PPP (Pediatric, Pregnancy, Post-partum) clinic.

Faculty of AdventHealth Medical Education

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Richard Margaitis, DO

FM/NMM and Sports Medicine Faculty

Eileen Conaway, DO

FM/NMM Faculty and Director of Osteopathic Recognition

Arlene O'Donnell, DO

FM/NMM Faculty

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Program we will be starting with ONMM3 residents in the 2021-22 academic year

Program Information

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Rotation Schedule

  • OMM Hospital Consult Service: 12 weeks
  • OMM - Sports Medicine: 4 weeks
  • OMM – Pediatrics: 4 weeks
  • OMM – Obstetrics: 4 weeks
  • OMM – Selective (group 1) Ortho surgery/Neurosurgery or Podiatry: 4 weeks
  • OMM – Selective (group 1) Ortho surgery/Neurosurgery or Podiatry: 4 weeks
  • OMM – Selective (group 2) Neurology/Rheumatology or Physiatry: 4 weeks
  • OMM – Selective (group 2) Neurology/Rheumatology or Physiatry: 4 weeks
  • OMM – Selective (group 3) Radiology or Physiatry: 4 weeks
  • OMM – Elective (community OMM specialist): 4 weeks
  • OMM – Elective (community OMM specialist) or other OMM related subspecialty

Choose 2 from both Group 1 and Group 2 subspecialty groups, no duplication of rotations

*Research is to be done as continuity with weekly ½ day for administrative/Research work

Resident Duties

  • 4 half-days of OMM clinic
  • 5 half-days of your rotation
  • 1 half-day of NMM didactics
  • 6 weekend calls per year - treating inpatient OMM consults
  • No overnight call, pager call while assigned to hospital service (consults to be seen within 24hrs)


Permitted for residents in good academic standing with Full Florida Licensure and appropriate malpractice coverage.

Students wanting to rotate in OMM need to contact the GME Coordinator.


Residents, fellows, and faculty involved in required GME scholarly activities receive guidance from the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) through the Clinical Academic Research team, comprised of an Academic Research Mentor, a Project Coordinator, and a Regulatory Coordinator. In addition, the center includes a group of biostatisticians, a health economist, and a medical editor.

CCR assists residents, fellows, and faculty with all types of scholarly activities (case studies, QI projects and research studies), from study design and protocol development, to data analysis and poster, presentation or manuscript preparation.


What You'll Need

Applicant Requirements

  • Graduate of an American College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Successful completion of an AOA approved residency in any specialty
  • Be and remain a member in good standing of the AOA

To Apply

  • +1 Residency is not a part of the ERAS lease. Use AOA Standard Application.
  • Current CV
  • Personal Statement
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Letter from current Program Director or Certificate of Completion of Residency


  • Typically held on Thursdays
  • You will be provided with overnight stay the night before and dinner with some of the current residents
  • The interview program usually runs from 9 am to about 4:30 pm.

Sample Resident Agreement

Eligibility and Selection Policy


Salaries  (Effective Academic Year 2020/2021):

PGY 1 - $54,080.00

PGY 2 - $56,139.20

PGY 3 - $58,177.60

PGY 4 - $60,257.60

Medical Insurance:

Family medical insurance is provided free of charge through the AdventHealth insurance plan. Physician medical care co-pay is covered in all Residency offices.

Life Insurance

Life insurance, equivalent to one year's salary, is provided free of charge. Additional life insurance may be purchased for a minimal charge.

Malpractice Insurance

Occurence based malpractice insurance is provided at no cost.


Residents receive two white jackets in your first year, then one jacket per year. Scrubs are provided in each location's OR locker room if required.


Residents have access to the physician lounge when on duty.


Designated physician parking is free.

Physician Wellbeing

For more information on the many benefits offered across all programs, click here.

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Application Process

Join Our Resident Team

  1. AOA Standard Application
  2. Current CV
  3. Personal Statement
  4. 2 letters of recommendation
  5. Letter from current Program Director or Certificate of Completion of Residency


Lori Baji, Residency Coordinator

7975 Lake Underhill Road

Suite 210

Orlando, FL 32822