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About the Program

As with all podiatric residency programs, our faculty is largely voluntary, however the number and diversity of our faculty sets us apart from most programs. Our podiatric staff at AdventHealth Orlando numbers 33, with the majority of those members actively participating in the residency program. In addition, we benefit from a generous non-podiatric medical staff and family medicine residency programs.

Our philosophy of care is to provide our patients the most up-to-date, comprehensive patient care delivered through an integrated healthcare system. To accomplish this, it is important for our residents to understand that successful treatment of the lower extremity complaints demands an understanding of all aspects of the patient’s well-being.

Our residency program offers a wide range of educational opportunities for each resident. Residents receive extensive exposure to and participation in traumatology, reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, wound care/limb salvage and elective foot and ankle surgery. While a structured curriculum does form the backbone of our training, we feel that our residents should have input into tailoring curriculum to suit their particular interests.

Jay Bornstein, DPM, DABPS, FACFAS

Program Director

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Our Facilities

Thank you for visiting the AdventHealth Orlando at East Orlando Podiatric Surgical Residency website. Please take a moment and allow us to share with you who and what we are. The podiatric medical and surgical residency 36-month program* is based at the 225-bed AdventHealth Orlando at East Orlando campus. Residents, however, utilize the entire AdventHealth Orlando network of seven campuses and over 2,050 beds throughout the Orlando area. The AdventHealth Orlando campuses are currently home to over 150 allopathic, osteopathic and podiatric residents.

Faculty of AdventHealth Medical Education

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  • Cody Togher, DPM

    Cody Togher, DPM


  • Jordan Butterfield, DPM

    Jordan Butterfield, DPM


  • Jaclyn Hoover, DPM

    Jaclyn Hoover, DPM


  • Kale Meeks, DPM

    Kale Meeks, DPM


  • Garrett Nguyen, DPM

    Garrett Nguyen, DPM


  • Thomas Ferrise, DPM

    Thomas Ferrise, DPM


  • Philip Calaj,DPM

    Philip Calaj, DPM


  • Stephanie Golding, DPM

    Stephanie Golding, DPM

    PGY - 1


The residency program at AdventHeath Orlando at East Orlando is a resource-based, competency-driven, assessment-validated program which is hospital-based and consists of postgraduate training in both inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical patient management. The program provides training resources that facilitate the resident’s sequential and progressive achievement of specific competencies. While significant structuring of the path towards achieving these goals is necessary, residents are allowed to tailor their education to meet their specific interests.

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Diagnostic Modalities

Podiatry Curriculum

  • Medical Imaging: - 1 block
    • Through participation in both the hospital and outpatient setting, the resident will gain direct exposure to and participation in plain radiography, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, MRI, CT, ultrasonography and vascular imaging.
  • Pathology - : 1 block
    • In the hospital environment, the resident will participate in laboratory studies in hematology, serology/immunology, toxicology, blood chemistries, drug screens, coagulations studies, blood gases, synovial fluid analysis, urinalysis, microbiology and anatomic and cellular pathology.


Medicine and Medical Subspecialties
  • Medicine:  - 1 block
    •  Includes both hospital-based and outpatient medical evaluation and management of patients. This rotation is supervised by the Family Medicine Residency Program, and residents will be expected to perform comprehensive medical histories and physical examinations, as well as formulate appropriate differential diagnoses, become proficient at ordering and interpreting diagnostic studies and formulating appropriate management plans.
  • Behavioral Science: - 1 block
    • The resident will become more knowledgeable and gain a better understanding of the psychosociospiritual aspects of health care delivery including the implications of prevention and wellness.
  • Dermatology:  - 1 block
    • The resident will participate in the diagnosis and treatment of general dermatological conditions primarily in the office setting.
  • Emergency Medicine:  - 1 block
    •  Resident will participate in the evaluation and management of the emergent patient in the hospital setting. Special emphasis will be placed on disorders of the lower extremity. In addition to the Emergency Medicine rotation, each resident will be on call for foot and ankle trauma 26 weeks per year.
  • Infectious Disease/Hyperbaric Medicine: - 1 block
    • The resident will become familiar with the care and management of the infected patient, including performance of a comprehensive history and physical examination ordering and interpretation of diagnostic studies. The resident will also become familiar with the care and management of chronic wound patients and the hyperbaric chamber.
  • Neurology: - 1 block
    • The resident will participate in the evaluation and management of neurological disorders with specific focus on the pathogenesis of neurological disorders with lower extremity manifestations.
  • Podiatric Medicine: - 1 block
    • The resident will be expected to participate in the care of the podiatric patient in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Evaluation and management of podiatric patients in the inpatient setting will include performing and interpreting the findings of a thorough problem focused history and physical examination, performing and interpreting appropriate diagnostic studies and formulating an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. Residents will also be expected to attend to patients in the outpatient clinic. Evaluation and management of patients in the faculty office setting will also be expected. This rotation is ongoing throughout the entire residency period
  • General Surgery: - 1 block
    • The resident will directly participate in the care and management of the surgical patient including the preoperative and postoperative period. Emphasis will be placed on enhancing surgical skills and the understanding of surgical procedures and principles.
  • Orthopedic Surgery: - 1 block
    • The resident will directly participate in the care and management of the general orthopedic patient. This includes management of orthopedic trauma, joint replacement and sports related surgeries. Understanding of preoperative and postoperative care is included.
  • Plastic Surgery: - 1 block
    •  The resident will become familiar with the plastic surgical aspects of the acute and chronic trauma patient as well as care and management of the cosmetic surgical patient and directly participate in the care of these patients.
  • Vascular Surgery: - 1 block
    • The resident will participate in the care of the vascularly compromised patient including recognizing and diagnosing vascular disease, formulating a treatment plan and actively participating in vascular surgical cases and rounds.
  • Podiatric Surgery: - 1 block
    • The resident will directly participate in surgical treatment of lower extremity pathology. Training experiences emphasize evaluation, diagnosis, selection of appropriate treatment and avoidance of complications, structured in a manner to achieve the competencies identified by the COPME.

Program Information

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We’ll Take Care of You

Education Allowance

PGY-1 residents receive a 5-day leave to attend conferences and expenses reimbursed up to $500.

PGY-2 residents receive a 5-day leave to attend conferences and expenses reimbursed up to $800.

PGY-3 residents receive a 5-day leave to attend conferences and expenses reimbursed up to $1300.

Salaries  (Effective Academic Year 2020/2021):

PGY 1 - $54,080.00

PGY 2 - $56,139.20

PGY 3 - $58,177.60

Professional Fees

Florida State Medical License and DEA license fees. The cost of certification classes, such as ACLS, are covered as necessary for meeting program requirements.

Physician Wellbeing

For more information on the many benefits offered across all programs, click here.

Electronic Medical Record System

Documentation of patient care is done using an “Electronic Medical Record” or EMR called EPIC. EpicCare© is the most successful Ambulatory EMR in the healthcare IT industry, with proven features that streamline care processes, improve community-wide health and strengthen the patient-provider relationship. EpicCare© replaces the traditional paper chart, freeing users from the hassles associated with incomplete or missing information, and ensuring that care is well coordinated when patients are referred to different providers for treatment.

Efficient workflows and an intuitive user interface encourage physician adoption and contribute to ongoing success. EpicCare© is inherently flexible, accommodating specialty providers and facilities, while ensuring that clinical information is stored in a seamless ambulatory care record. An active clinical decision support system works at every point of the care process to minimize medical errors, encourage formulary compliance, ensure that patients receive recommended health maintenance and disease management services, and allow for the accurate and effective evaluation of practice data and outcomes. 

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Application Process

For more information, please visit the Central Application Service for Podiatric Residencies.

Go through (CRIP) Centralized Residency Interview Program

Lori Baiji

Residency Coordinator

Lori Baiji is the residency coordinator for Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency


Lori Baiji, Residency Coordinator
7727 Lake Underhill Road
Orlando, FL 32822