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Your Child’s Mental Well-Being Matters

At AdventHealth for Children, we care about every child’s whole health. And mental well-being matters when it comes to overall health. With research showing that 1 in 5 children is impacted by a mental health disorder at any given time, we are dedicated to improving the mental health of children, adolescents and teens in the Central Florida area and beyond.

Half of all lifetime mental health conditions start before age 14, and 75% have an onset before age 24. Detecting challenges and addressing them early can make all the difference for the rest of your child’s life, so they can thrive in body, mind and spirit with a whole-person treatment plan that works for them.

Our caring experts are here to help children and their families with resources, guidance and support. We also partnered with Dr. Phillips Charities, whose generous $6 million grant helped create the Center for Advancement and Support of Youth (CASY), a first-of-its-kind comprehensive pediatric and young adult mental and behavioral health program in Central Florida, to expand access to mental health care for kids.

To find the right care for your child, connect with one of our pediatric mental health navigators today.

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Be a Mindleader™

Together with Heart of Florida United Way, we've launched the Be a Mindleader campaign to spark more conversations around mental health conditions. This effort highlights expert information and helps facilitate life-changing conversations about mental health between kids and the adults in their lives. By destigmatizing mental health challenges, we can work together to create more Mindleaders in our community.

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Suicide and Crisis Prevention Resources

It can be hard to be hopeful about the future when you’re feeling bad, but we want you to know that one thing won’t change: Help is always here for you. If you're feeling suicidal or have a plan to end your life, know that you’re not alone in these thoughts, and you don't have to act on them. People who care are here to listen and support you 24/7 at the National Suicide Hotline (dial 988) and on the Crisis Text Line (text HOME to 741741).

You matter and your life is precious.

Free Mental Health Hotlines

To get you started, these mental health hotlines are free, confidential, available in multiple languages and here for students of all ages.

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Navigation

Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Navigation team provides complimentary services that help you coordinate your child’s mental, emotional and behavioral health care needs and answer any questions you may have. These services include:

  • Finding a health care provider who accepts your insurance
  • Assistance with scheduling appointments
  • Resources and support for you and your family

To contact the team, please complete this form.

Roger’s Mental Health Story

Mental health disorders can appear when you least expect them to. Watch Roger's story of perseverance after battling cancer which led to a new obstacle, depression.

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Caring for Kids’ Mental Health in Our Community

Our AdventHealth Medical Group Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry office provides your family with access to expertise on mental health for children and adolescents from our compassionate team.

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Support Mental Health

At AdventHealth for Children

Now more than ever, seeking care for mental wellness is of the utmost importance. Finding the right level of care quickly can make all the difference for a child. Contributions to support mental health at AdventHealth for Children will improve access to patient care, help to expand education and awareness in our community and help to sustain our much-needed clinical infrastructure to prevent mental health crises and implement early screenings.

Join us in changing the perception of mental health in our communities, while filling the gap in care for children living with behavioral and mental health disorders.

Thank You to Our Founding Partners

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Dr. Phillips Charities

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