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Your support helps keeps us on the cutting edge of care. Your contributions empower us to help more people live their best, most vibrant lives. Your donations to AdventHealth helps us build new facilities, attract expert physicians and researchers, and develop groundbreaking ways of treating illness and disease. There are many ways to give, including making a donation and giving a planned gift. Join us today in extending the healing ministry of Christ by helping more people experience a life of whole health.

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Your support helps AdventHealth provide the complete care that fulfills the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of every patient, at every stage of their journey.

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Our Mission and History

Although separated by geography, each of our facilities is united by the mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ. Today we continue the tradition of whole-person care by practicing and sharing CREATION Life, a blueprint for living a healthy, happy life.

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Whole-Person Care

We provide whole-person health care through quality and service excellence. By focusing on your whole health, we share the tools, resources and support you need to enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness.