An childrens' emergency room at AdventHealth Carrollwood
Ambient Emergency Department

Pediatric Rooms and Pediatric Waiting Area

Every design element in our new pediatric rooms is intentional and no detail was overlooked. Each room features a customized ambient experience that integrates dynamic lighting, sound and video elements, which in turn provide a soothing environment that enhances comfort and promotes healing.

The new pediatric-friendly emergency department waiting area features a fun cave where kids can seek privacy or get lost in a fun fantasy land.

The hospital can be a scary place, especially for children. Your investment in our emergency department ambient pediatric rooms and pediatric waiting area help provide a less stressful environment for our patients and their families, and offer children a safe, comfortable and positive space to receive treatment and to recover.

MRI Machine

A Time of Growth

As we grow, our Carrollwood Foundation is seeking to raise $1.5 million to fund a new, state-of-the-art MRI machine.

The MRI machine will live in our upgraded imaging center and serve patients with various health needs: we expect 80% patients with neurological conditions and 20% patients with orthopedic and breast health conditions.

A new MRI machine will have a tremendous impact on our patients and care teams:

  •  MRI scans can save lives. In 2019 we performed 1,467 MRls.
  •  New technology, faster scan times allow for larger capacity and the ability to scan up to 12 patients a day.
  •  Newer equipment and software offer pristine and precise imaging, providing exact image readings and diagnoses.

“Diagnostic medical imaging has become the central, most significant component in patient evaluation and care. Modern, up-to-date equipment is of paramount importance. A new MRI at AdventHealth Carrollwood will help ensure that our patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and our clinicians have precise imaging to guide treatment.”
— Dr. Tom Zekan, AdventHealth