An African American nurse consults with a Caucasian female regarding her diagnosis.

Get the Flexibility You Need

Our organization recognizes patients have a choice when it comes to their health care. To bring better clarity and understanding to your health care investment, you can calculate your estimated patient responsibility for future or scheduled procedures at one of our facilities with or without insurance.

  • Make a Full or Partial Payment 
  • Pay with Checking/Savings Account or Credit/Debit Card
  • Set Up and Manage Payment Plans Online

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While the price estimator is a helpful tool that can estimate your health care costs based on anticipated services, please know that it is not an exact, personalized cost figure. More accurate costs are based on the actual services provided to you.

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A nurse talking to a patient at the hospital.

Helping Patients Make Informed Decisions

AdventHealth aspires to give consumers meaningful information as they seek to restore their health. We believe consumers should be equipped with personalized and accurate estimates. We are making it easier for patients to make informed decisions about their health care by offering them personalized estimates for hospital procedures before they receive care. The estimates are based on their insurance coverage and the typical care experience for patients receiving similar services from the same physician.