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Find Answers With a DNA Test

Your Roadmap to Whole Health

Your genes determine your eye color, hair color, height and much more. They also contain clues about your health. Unlock the mysteries of your genes with DNA testing and gain insight into your risk of developing chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more. 

Genetic screening gives you and your provider important information about your health so you can take steps to lower your risk before a condition appears. And, if you are diagnosed with a chronic disease, your medical team will have valuable information to create a treatment plan that’s personalized to you — to your body, your genes, your DNA.

Our genomics team offers:

  • Breast cancer genetic testing (BRCA gene)
  • DNA medical tests
  • Genetic testing for cancer 
  • Genetic testing for pregnancy 
  • Paternity tests
What Is Genomics?

When It Comes to Your Health, Knowledge Is Power

If you knew you were at risk for a heart attack, wouldn’t you want to start eating better and exercising more? Or, if you knew you were at risk for a certain type of cancer, wouldn’t you want to have more screenings and make informed decisions about your health? 

Genomics can give you those answers. This specialized branch of medicine studies your genes, how they interact with each other, and how they interact with their environment. 

From disease prevention to diagnosis and treatment, genomics is the future of medicine.

AdventHealth Genetic Testing Services

Health Care That’s Personalized

Genetic testing offers a clear window into your health — from a disease you know you have to conditions that may not yet be diagnosed. Discover what secrets DNA testing can uncover and take the first step to improved whole health. 

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Everything You Want in Your Genetics Team

At AdventHealth, we do more than just offer genetic testing. We’re here to help you understand your results and make a plan to help you get — and stay — on the path to whole health.