Phone Directory

AdventHealth Tampa

3100 East Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL  33613

Call AdventHealth Tampa at813-971-6000

Departments Phone Number
Administration Call Administration at 813-615-7204
Admissions Call Admissions at 813-615-7210
Breast Care Center Call Breast Care Center at 813-615-7120
Center For Cancer Care Call Center For Cancer Care at 813-615-7238
Classes/Screening Information Call Classes/Screening Information at 813-615-7300
Customer Service/Billing Call Customer Service/Billing at 813-615-7848
Diabetes & Endocrinology Institute Call Diabetes & Endocrinology Institute at 813-615-7262
Emergency Room Call Emergency Room at 813-615-7277
Foundation Call Foundation at 813-615-7886
General Inquiries Call General Inquiries at 813-971-6000
Home Health Services Call Home Health Services at 813-615-7700
Human Resources (Employment) Call Human Resources (Employment) at 813-615-7290
Media Inquiries Call Media Inquiries at 813-373-9505
Media Inquiries Call Media Inquiries at 813-615-7395
Medical Records Call Medical Records at 813-615-7292
Nursing Administration Call Nursing Administration at 813-615-7646
Occupational Health Service Call Occupational Health Service at 813-615-7840
Orthopedic Care Center Call Orthopedic Care Center at 813-615-7864
Patient Billing Call Patient Billing at 813-615-7848
Patient Information Call Patient Information at 813-615-7222
Pepin Heart Institute Call Pepin Heart Institute at 813-971-6000
Physician Referral Call Physician Referral at 855-303-3627
Surgical Weight Loss Center Call Surgical Weight Loss Center at 813-615-7077
TDD Line Call TDD Line at 813-615-7485
The Women's Center Call The Women's Center at 813-615-7922
Volunteer Services Call Volunteer Services at 813-615-7286

Medical Emergency 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911. 

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