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CREATION Life is an exciting plan for changing your life. Rightly applied, you will achieve mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Each letter of the word CREATION stands for one of the eight principles drawn from the Genesis story. Choice - Rest - Environment - Activity - Trust - Interpersonal relationships - Outlook - Nutrition.

These eight essential components meld together to form the blueprint for health we yearn for and the life we are intended to live.

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Includes a CREATION Life assessment showing you where you are at the beginning of your journey, and a twelve-week CREATION Life Action Plan at the end of the book that helps you incorporate the principles into your everyday routine.

CREATION Life is about wellness, and wellness is more than health or absence of disease. Wellness is being mentally fit, physically robust, spiritually vital, and socially comfortable. It is being able to face accidents, aging, and illness with a positive outlook. Most of all, it is trusting that a loving and kind God has a “better idea” for living and that He is eager to help us experience full life — as He created us to live it!

How This Book Can Reenergize You

First, this book will inspire you that there is a better way to live the one life you’ve been given.

Second, it will demonstrate that you can get there!

And third, it will teach you how to master the eight most powerful principles for improving every part of your life.

You will discover the scientific research behind each of the eight principles — carefully designed studies, performed by major universities and institutes — that point the way to enjoying the best health possible. Reliable medical experts will share simple life-improvement tools you can use today.

You will learn the best ways to eat, exercise, and create a balanced healing environment in your life. And you might even be inspired to join others — maybe your own family — in making a commitment to change for the better.

About the Authors

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Des Cummings, Jr

Des Cummings Jr. served as Executive Vice President for AdventHealth and is committed to promoting health and healing strategies that treat the mind, body, and spirit

Todd Chobotar

Todd Chobotar serves as Director of Publishing at AdventHealth Press

Monica Reed

Monica Reed served as Senior Executive Officer of Care Innovation at AdventHealth.

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