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Des Cummings Jr., PhD, served as president of the AdventHealth Foundation and executive vice president for AdventHealth, the largest admitting hospital in America. Dr. Cummings holds a PhD degree in leadership and management with emphasis in statistical forecasting. Dr. Cummings also holds a master of divinity degree and is an ordained minister.

More About Dr. Cummings

Dr. Cummings is committed to promoting health and healing strategies that treat the mind, body, and spirit. Motivated by a vision to help people live a long life, Dr. Cummings gave leadership to the development of Celebration Health, a showcase hospital in the Disney city of Celebration, Florida. This facility has attracted national and international attention as a model of health and healing for the twenty-first century

Dr. Cummings is committed to the concept of empowering patients to take charge of their health and distributing medical knowledge into the community. Dr. Cummings is the author or coauthor of four books including CREATION Life Discovery. He speaks to national and international conferences on the future of healthcare, specializing in strategies for whole person care, healthy communities, and the hospital of the future. It is his belief that we must recreate a new vision of American healthcare for the twenty-first century that is financially viable and enhances quality of life for all Americans. This task calls for the very best thinking of the brightest minds in American healthcare.

In the Cummings home, health and healing is a family affair. Dr. Cummings’ wife, Mary Lou, is a nurse and health educator who gave leadership to the development of the AdventHealth Parish Nurse program and Women’s Center at Celebration Health. The Cummings live in Celebration, Florida. They have two adult children, Tracy and Derek, a wonderful son-in-law and daughter-in-law, Denis and Nalani, and two amazing grandchildren, Kelsey and DJ.

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CREATION Life Discovery: Live Life to the Fullest

Achieve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, so you can live life to the fullest.