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AdventHealth Press books and materials are rooted in wholistic health principles to help you feel whole. Each book falls under the CREATION Life Acronym which helps you live life to the fullest and stands for: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook and Nutrition, to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness resources.

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AdventHealth and Leadership Monograph Series is based on the intellectual capital of employees at AdventHealth. Monographs in this series provide focused, expert, relevant and affordable training to interested individuals and organizations on a specific topic. Because of AdventHealth’s history, as well as a vast array of business and medical innovations, the monograph series covers topics with a unique whole person health undertone. 

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Training Materials

AdventHealth’s comprehensive training materials empower employees through education by utilizing interactive guides and workbooks that focus on the eight principles of CREATION Life.  Based on world-class medical expertise and more than a century of experience, the materials available cover varied and important information, from the importance of rest to creating healthy habits. Available for workplace wellness programs in AdventHealth and beyond.

AdventHealth CREATION Life

CREATION Life is the 8 principle acronym that defines the way AdventHealth provides Whole Person Care to all patients-mind, body and spirit.