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Opposites have tied the knot since the beginning of time. To explain the bond, experts have used the analogies pink and blue, Venus and Mars, or spaghetti and waffles. In The Love Fight, Drs. Tony Ferretti and Peter Weiss address a new dichotomy: the clash between Achievers and Connectors.

In studying couples with Achiever and Connector personalities, this duo illustrates how this common encounter can create a mutually satisfying relationship. Their expertise will walk you through the scrimmage between those who want to accomplish and those who want to relate. They couldn’t be more opposite, but Drs. Tony Ferretti and Peter Weiss know how to mentor Achievers and Connectors through their differences and guide them to a marriage that lasts.

A healthy marriage can lead to better health.

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In This Book You Will:

Find over 75 self-assessment questions that will help you understand your spouse and connect in love.

Discover the 5 key principles to create a lasting bond with your spouse.

Understand how we allow life to harm our relationships more today than ever before.

Learn actionable advice on turning around marriages on the brink of destruction.

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