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Giving Our Patients Options

AdventHealth provides patients with a broad range of treatment options and locations. From inpatient pediatric care to outpatient oncology services our patients have the flexibility to select a treatment plan that works within the constraints of their insurance plan, and is consistent with their physician and location preferences.

Hospital-Based Outpatient Clinics

In order to provide our patients with as many treatment options as possible, AdventHealth provides physician care services in both the private physician office and hospital-based outpatient clinics. Many AdventHealth patient care locations are considered part of the hospital even if they are located miles away from the main hospital campus.

Because these outpatient clinics are part of the hospital you will receive a bill from both the hospital and the office of the treating physician.

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Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire

As a participating Medicare provider, we must screen patients according to MSP rules. We will ask you the MSP questions at each visit to help us confirm if Medicare or another payer should be the primary insurance to pass your claim.

Treatment at a Hospital-based Outpatient Clinic and Insurance

How treatment at a hospital-based outpatient clinic may impact insurance payment:

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Patients or their secondary insurances are responsible for any co-pays, coinsurance or deductible amounts for both hospital/facility charges and physician/professional services after insurance has paid.