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7 Ways to Kick Off Your Exercise Routine After the Holiday Lull

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The holidays are known for many things, but a commitment to fitness is typically not one of them.

With the busy schedules, gatherings, travel and an abundance of tempting treats around, sticking to a diet and exercise routine are often the to-dos that get left off of your list.

So, how do you step it up again after your holiday lull?

Lisa Souza, manager of the AdventHealth Zephyrhills Wellness Center, shares seven things you can do to get back into your exercise groove after the holiday season hiatus.

1. Forgive Yourself

"The first thing I tell people is to forgive themselves for coming off an exercise program they had goals to commit to for the entire year. Things happen, and the busy schedule of holidays is a common challenge for many, so realize this and keep trying," recommends Souza.

2. Start Small

Getting back into any routine takes some time. If you miss a month or two of being active during the holidays, expect that it might take you that long or more to get back to your old program.

"I recommend setting small fitness and activity goals to start that you can realistically achieve. Even small victories keep you motivated and confident to continue your path to success," says Souza.

3. Get Yourself an Exercise Buddy

Having a workout buddy seems like an obvious recommendation, but experts say it really can help.

Souza explains that having a workout buddy is a popular strategy that works for several reasons:

  • Someone is there to hold you accountable.
  • It makes exercising more fun.
  • It provides social and emotional support.
  • People tend to better maintain focus and reach their goal(s).

4. Make it Fun

"When you enjoy an activity, you want to perform it often, so get back into your exercise routine with the physical activities that you enjoy most, whether its weightlifting, an aerobic dance class or a walking program," says Souza.

5. Remember, Fitness is a Lifetime Journey

Souza advises not to think of getting back into your workout regimen as a short-term goal; it’s a lifelong journey.

6. Quit the Unhealthy Habits

Your body craves what you digest the most. If you are snacking or not eating a healthy diet, take control. Start eating well again and seek help from a medical professional if you need guidance on developing healthy eating habits.

"We all know what good and bad foods are. We just have to take the reins and refocus on nutrition to achieve our fitness goals and optimal health," says Souza.

7. Remind Yourself Why You're Getting Healthy

Souza notes, "Being healthier helps us better achieve our goals. We need it to fulfill what God intended us to do."

If you have a hiccup and derail from your exercise routine, you can do your part again. For a righteous man falls seven times and rises again (Proverbs. 24:16). The most important thing is that you never give up.

Start Your New Year Off Right

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Learn more about the AdventHealth Wellness Center Zephyrhills here.

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