Florida Hospital Tampa Reengineering Orthopedic Call Services for Patients in Emergency Room, Observation Units, and Inpatient Units

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The RFPs goal is to select a medical group who possesses the skillset to offer expert comprehensive orthopedic care for adult and pediatric patients, over the age of twenty-four (24) months in a patient focused manner. Florida Hospital Tampa seeks a dedicated group of orthopedic physicians to enter into an exclusive agreement for orthopedic call services. The selected medical group shall be willing and passionate about supporting the Hospitals urgent and emergent issues, while delivering high quality patient-centered care, quick communication turnaround, and clear expectation setting for patients, Hospital departments, and other clinical partners. The primary purpose is to elevate the orthopedic programs reputation to that of a best practice for the betterment of our community.

Florida Hospital Tampa has engaged its Emergency Room physicians, hospitalists, department leaders, and key stakeholders to assess the opportunities to improve our patient experience and satisfaction with orthopedic on call services. Through that assessment, the Hospital has outlined criteria to reduce patient treatment or cycle times and improve patient-centered experiences. As part of that effort, the Hospital seeks responses to its Request for Proposal (RFP), outlining the hospitals specific objectives to deliver quality patient centric orthopedic on call services. The RFPs shall be reviewed by selected Medical Staff physicians from different disciplines such as emergency medicine, hospitalists and radiology. Those reviewing physicians shall interview the Medical Group representatives who respond to the RFP. The Hospital shall seek those reviewing physicians observations and opinions in making its selection of the Medical Group. Ultimately, the Hospital has the responsibility of determining the appropriate Medical Group with whom it contracts. Please review the RFP, and if you are interested in responding to the RFP, please contact us if you have any questions regarding our process.

Please note: the following should be included in your response to the RFP:

  • Overview of your Medical Group
  • Distinct features of your Medical Group
  • Targeted productivity standards for orthopedic call services
  • Data monitoring and management reports, which include monthly report cards, and orthopedic call performance with detailed breakdown of data categories
  • Examples of successful physician-driven process improvement plans, evidencing the groups ability and commitment to participate with Hospitals in program development and enhancement
  • A commitment to participation on Medical Staff Committees
  • Targeted turnaround time commitments for physician communication (returning phone calls), including turnaround time for routine cases and emergent cases
  • Strategy for 24 hour/7 days-a-week coverage, which could include on-site support
  • Examples of commitment to, and involvement in, staff education
  • Commitment and willingness to participate in the growth of satisfaction levels for the community, emergency room staff, and physician staff, with data supporting successful participation with other organizations
  • References in Florida and/or the Southeastern U.S.

To best evaluate your proposal, please forward your document in the following format:

  • Cover letter
  • Table of contents
  • Tabs
  • Page numbers
  • Font size no smaller than 12
  • Executive summary
  • Two (2) copies

Proposals must be submitted no later than August 10, 2017 to Jason Newmyer, Florida Hospital Tampa Administration, 3100 E. Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL 33613, or via e-mail: [email protected]. We will evaluate all proposals, and a final decision on the contract allocation will be made in short order and all bidders will be notified of results.

Please be advised, that the Hospital has a number of requirements for the dedicated Orthopedic Call Services group that is chosen for the contract, including, but not limited to: (a) participation with all current and future managed care plans with which each Hospital has a participation arrangement or agreement; (b) maintenance of professional liability insurance in the minimum amounts of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 annual aggregate; (c) participation in the Clinically Integrated Network associated/affiliated with Hospitals; (d) coverage expectations; and (e) various performance and quality metrics which must be met. Attached to the RFP, please find Hospitals expectations for performance metrics and information about the Hospitals statistics and payor mix for the previous fiscal year.

If you have any questions regarding the preparation of your proposal, please feel free to contact Jason Newmyer.

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