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Extraordinary Compassion Earns AdventHealth Nurse the DAISY Award for Nursing

Extraordinary Compassion Earns AdventHealth Nurse the DAISY Award for Nursing

Feb 28, 2024; HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. – AdventHealth Hendersonville is excited to introduce you to Asha Oakes, BSN, RN, IBCLC winner of our DAISY Award for her remarkable display of dedication and compassion for an elderly patient.

Asha is a nurse at The Baby Place at AdventHealth Hendersonville, and recently spent time providing support to the nurses and patients on the medical surgical floor. She was providing care to an elderly patient who was recovering from surgery for a hip fracture and unable to attend to their own needs. Asha graciously cared for the patient with a gentle and attentive approach.

Asha’s loving, compassionate care was appreciated by the medical surgical nursing team and caught the attention of the Director of Medical Surgical Nursing, Larissa Bright, Larissa Bright, RN, BSN, who nominated Asha for this award. Larissa says, “Asha went above and beyond the call of duty, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to meeting the unique requirements of a patient who was unable to advocate for themself.”

Asha’s gentle care met the patient’s physical needs, and provided emotional support, creating a comforting and reassuring environment. The patient who started out confused, and in pain, was soon holding conversations and even smiling.

Larissa and her team are grateful for the support and care Asha demonstrated for her patient. “This exemplary display of care serves as a testament to Asha’s extraordinary commitment to providing wholistic, patient-centered care, leaving a lasting impact on our health care team, because Asha made this patient matter. Thank you, Asha!”

AdventHealth Hendersonville is honored to recognize Asha Oakes as the new DAISY Award winner.

The DAISY Award was created by the family of J. Patrick Barnes in 1999 to thank the nurses who cared for Patrick and for them as he battled an autoimmune disease. Patrick lost his battle, but his family realized the impact his nurses had on the final days of his life. For that, they wanted to create an opportunity for all families who experience the benefits of the extraordinary care of nurses to show their appreciation.

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