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AdventHealth Hendersonville Recognized as an Axonics® Center of Excellence

N.C., AdventHealth Hendersonville has been designated an Axonics Center of Excellence by Axonics Inc. The designation recognizes Jeffrey Garris, MD, MS, FACOG, FPMRS, FACS for his expertise with Axonics Therapy and commitment to changing the lives of patients suffering from bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Millions of Americans suffer from overactive bladder and fecal incontinence. Now, patients in Western North Carolina and the surrounding region, who have chronic and debilitating symptoms related to bladder and bowel dysfunction can seek relief from AdventHealth Hendersonville urogynecologist Dr. Jeffrey Garris and his use of Axonics Therapy.

Axonics Therapy works like a pacemaker for your bladder. The device is implanted under the skin of the lower back and sends out an electrical pulse that clears up poor communication between the brain and bladder. Axonics Therapy has been clinically proven to provide rapid and long-lasting relief of symptoms associated with bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Dr. Garris says that implementing Axonics Therapy into his practice has been life-changing for his patients. “This is something that can actually impact your quality of life,” Dr. Garris says, “With no side effects, no drug side effects, it does really impact quality of life.”

Axonics Therapy is considered a success if the patient sees a more than 50% improvement. And according to Dr. Garris, the device has a 93 to 94-percent success rate. The battery in the device is durable and can last 10 to 20 years, ensuring that patients can enjoy long-lasting relief.

AdventHealth Hendersonville is proud to be recognized as a Center of Excellence and will continue its commitment to providing compassionate, whole-person care to all patients. The Axonics Center of Excellence program recognizes the highly trained and experienced Dr. Garris and his commitment to patient education and providing exemplary care to achieve optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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