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AdventHealth Hendersonville DAISY Award Winner Uses A Love of Superheroes to Calm a Young Cancer Patient

N.C., AdventHealth Hendersonville DAISY Award Winner Uses A Love of Superheroes to Calm a Young Cancer Patient

Sept. 22, 2021; HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. – AdventHealth Hendersonville is excited to introduce you to our newest DAISY Award winner. We are recognizing Meredith Barten, RN, OCN for the compassionate care she provides our patients who are battling cancer.

Meredith is a member of the nursing team at the AdventHealth Hematology Oncology Infusion Services Asheville office. Her teammates are quick to point out that

Meredith consistently looks for ways to connect with and make each patient feel treasured.

The nomination for Meredith highlights one of these instances where she took extra steps to help a young patient who was struggling with the need for multiple infusion appointments every week.

The patient happened to be on the autism spectrum and was non-verbal. Every visit involved treatments that including many lab sticks, testing and long hours of infusions.

To reduce his stress and frustration, Meredith took the patient as her own so he would have the same nurse each visit. She took the time to find out that he loved Batman and all things superheroes. She then ordered him Batman masks so he would be excited to wear his masks and protect his fragile immune system. During this patient’s appointments, Meredith talked to him about superheroes to ease his anxiety and help him become excited to come in to see her.

Jessica Shuford, RN, Clinical Services Manager for AdventHealth Cancer Services nominated Meredith. She shares, “Meredith has soared in her compassion and care for this sweet patient. She built such a beautiful level of trust between this young man and his family, even though he was unable to communicate with her verbally. He was able to receive the best care possible because of the nurse she is.”

AdventHealth Hendersonville is honored to recognize Meredith as the new DAISY Award Winner.

The DAISY Award was created by the family of J. Patrick Barnes in 1999 to thank the nurses who cared for Patrick and for them as he battled an autoimmune disease. Patrick lost his battle, but his family realized the impact his nurses had on the final days of his life. For that, they wanted to create an opportunity for all families who experience the benefits of the extraordinary care of nurses to show their appreciation.