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Is Chronic Care Management Right for Me?

The AdventHealth Chronic Care Management program is available to those with Medicare, Humana or United Health Care Medicare Advantage insurance, for patients who have two or more chronic conditions. If your provider expects your conditions will last for at least 12 months, then they will  talk to you about enrolling in the program. 

You can also benefit from Transition of Care Services when you are transitioning back home from the hospital or a rehabilitation facility. Additionally, we're even available to work with you to get you scheduled for screenings or appointments to close gaps in your care.

Please keep in mind that participants in the program are responsible for any associated copays or deductibles. 

What is Chronic Care Management?

When you’re diagnosed with two or more chronic conditions — such as: heart disease, diabetes, obesity, COPD or stroke, your treatment plan can be complicated.  Chronic Care Management can help coordinate services and provide education. 

We’re dedicated to understanding your specific needs and communicating those to your provider. Your Chronic Care Management team is here to support you and is committed to being the link between you and your providers.

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You’re Just One Click Away

From the support and resources you need to bring strength and healing to your life. Share your information through this online form, and a Chronic Care Manager will contact you at their earliest convenience to discuss your specific needs.  If you need care immediately, please contact your provider.

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Here to Support and Serve

You might have a lot of questions about how your care is managed. But we’re here to find answers and help you understand what’s available to you. Our Chronic Care Management services offer:

  • Community resources – to help you stay connected to the community care you need
  • Health education – to keep you informed and knowledgeable about how to stay healthy
  • Regular phone calls – to help manage and improve your health
  • Support – to let you know you’re not alone

Our Goals are Your Health Goals

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Daily Self-Management

When you face multiple chronic conditions, you need support. You also need information to become your own best advocate and be able to manage your daily conditions in the most effective way. We’ll work with you at every step to help you learn about your diseases, understand how to self-manage through skill building and gain the support you need from many providers, family, friends and the community. 

Lifestyle Changes

With a balanced diet and regular exercise routine comes a better quality of life. Making healthy lifestyle changes can help reduce symptoms related to your conditions, and touch every aspect of your health — body, mind and spirit. But making those changes can be hard. 

That’s why we’ll be at your side throughout your health care journey, working with you at every turn to develop a health and wellness plan that meets your goals — and feels realistic to you. The goal is always that you feel whole.

Assistance with Community Resources

At times it can take a community to care for a person with multiple chronic conditions. That’s why we actively work with community partners to keep you connected to the resources you need to live a healthy, happy life.

Medication Management

If you’ve been diagnosed with two or more chronic conditions, you most likely take several different medicines. Managing these different medications can be complex.  We can provide information about your medication to help you better understand why you are taking them, side effects and possible interactions.  If you need a medication refill, we encourage you to contact your provider. 

Health-Focused Education

You want to be well. And sometimes it takes a little guidance, support and education. Our goal is to equip you with education and resources so that you can successfully manage your health.