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Refilling Your Prescriptions

Just Got Easier

AdventHealth employees are among the most giving, caring and hardworking people across the country. That’s why we’re making a difference in your daily life by taking one more item off your to-do list and helping you embrace whole health.

When you get your prescription refills through AdventHealth Rx Plus Pharmacy, you’re caring for your body, mind and spirit — and saving money while you’re at it.

Our service is designed to be simple, reliable and easy to use. Spend a few minutes getting familiar with the forms you’ll need to get your refills delivered right to your door.

AdventHealth Rx Plus Pharmacy

How It Works

Your doctor just prescribed a new 30-day maintenance medication — something that will help you maintain your body, mind and spirit. Depending on your needs, it could include medication to control blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, asthma and more.

After you fill your first prescription at your local pharmacy, one of our representatives will help you transfer your prescription to AdventHealth Rx Plus Pharmacy.

Once you connect with AdventHealth Rx Plus Pharmacy, we’ll automate your prescription, so you continue to receive your refills. When you’re about to run out of refills, contact us at least two weeks prior so we can initiate a refill with your physician.

Please keep in mind that prescriptions are only good for one year. If your prescription is expired, you will need to schedule a doctor’s appointment to get a new prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using AdventHealth Rx Plus Pharmacy

We know that using a new pharmacy can be confusing. That’s why we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about using our employee pharmacy for your refill prescriptions.

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Copay Payment

Making It Easy to Plan Ahead

AdventHealth Rx Plus Pharmacy is able to accept credit, debit, FSA and HSA cards online.

Please contact us for more details and to get that set up.

Your Partner in Whole Health

We’re Here for You

A journey to whole health isn’t one to travel alone. We’ll be here to answer your questions, offer resources and get you the medicine and support you need to feel your best.