Phone Directory

AdventHealth Zephyrhills

7050 Gall Boulevard, Zephyrhills, FL  33541

Call AdventHealth Zephyrhills at813-788-0411

Departments Phone Number
Audiology Scheduling Call Audiology Scheduling at 813-783-6154
Audiology Service Call Audiology Service at 813-783-6154
Breast Center Call Breast Center at 813-779-6278
Cardiac Rehabilitation Call Cardiac Rehabilitation at 813-788-0411 x1420
Case Management Call Case Management at 813-783-6160
Cath Recovery Unit Call Cath Recovery Unit at 813-783-6174
Child Care Service Call Child Care Service at 813-782-2354
Customer Service Call Customer Service at 813-615-7848
Diabetes Education Program Call Diabetes Education Program at 813-715-6683
Direct Patient Room Dialing System Call Direct Patient Room Dialing System at 813-783-6119
Emergency Center Call Emergency Center at 813-783-6111
Employee Health Call Employee Health at 813-783-6172
Foundation Call Foundation at 813-783-6144
Human Resources Call Human Resources at 813-783-6117
Intensive Care Unit Call Intensive Care Unit at 813-783-6122
Laboratory Call Laboratory at 813-788-0411 x2600
Marketing Call Marketing at 813-783-6192
Medical Staff Office Call Medical Staff Office at 813-783-6165
Nursery Call Nursery at 813-783-6127
Nursing Station 2nd Floor (Med Surg 2) Call Nursing Station 2nd Floor (Med Surg 2) at 813-783-6121
Nursing Station 3rd Floor (Med Surg 3) Call Nursing Station 3rd Floor (Med Surg 3) at 813-783-6131
Occupational Therapy Call Occupational Therapy at 813-783-6154
Operator/Main Switchboard Call Operator/Main Switchboard at 813-788-0411
Outpatient Scheduling Call Outpatient Scheduling at 813-783-8378
Patient Financial Services Call Patient Financial Services at 813-783-6102
Pharmacy Call Pharmacy at 813-783-6107
Physical Therapy Call Physical Therapy at 813-783-6154
Physical Therapy Scheduling Call Physical Therapy Scheduling at 813-783-6154
Pre-Registration Call Pre-Registration at 813-779-6358
Progressive Care Unit Call Progressive Care Unit at 813-783-6130
Purchasing Call Purchasing at 813-783-6151
Radiology Call Radiology at 813-783-6114
Respiratory Therapy Call Respiratory Therapy at 813-783-6138
Speech Therapy Call Speech Therapy at 813-783-6154
Surgical Services Call Surgical Services at 813-783-2300
Surgical Services Scheduling Call Surgical Services Scheduling at 813-783-6141
The Baby Place Call The Baby Place at 813-783-6124
Volunteer Services Call Volunteer Services at 813-779-6256
Wellness Center Call Wellness Center at 813-783-6123
West Florida Health Call West Florida Health at 813-887-2851
Wound Healing Call Wound Healing at 813-783-1237

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