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AdventHealth ParentCare Begins at Birth, Lasts a Lifetime

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AdventHealth has created a new standard of ongoing, whole-family care to ease your mind, body and spirit. We’ve named it AdventHealth ParentCare, and it's the first program of its kind in the United States. ParentCare is the place you can turn to with any question or concern about yourself or your children and get free, trusted, personal answers from experts who will listen.

ParentCare provides access to discipline solutions including Behavior Checker®, parenting classes and to connect one-on-one with AdventHealth experts who can guide you through the parenting journey. Visit our ParentCare Hub to learn more.

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This is AdventHealth ParentCare

AdventHealth ParentCare recognizes that every adult caregiver and every child is unique. With ParentCare, families receive personalized Coaching, Advice, Resources and Education. This makes raising children a less stressful and more joyful journey that's mentally, physically and emotionally more rewarding. Call 913-632-4206 or email [email protected].

"We don't always know what we don't know or where to get trusted information."
- Dana, mom of 1-year-old daughter

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Behavior Checker® Parenting is Healthcare®

Start using Behavior Checker now!

This evidence-based, online tool helps you respond in healthy ways to more than 150 of your children’s common, everyday behaviors, from helping a sibling welcome a new baby to motivating your teenager to persevere through remote learning. Learn how to manage temper tantrums, jealousy, sibling rivalry, not following directions and fighting bedtime/naptime. Plus, you can participate in online coach-led, live ParentCare Coffee Talks.

At AdventHealth our physicians, nurses, social workers and educators use Behavior Checker because it offers practical, proven solutions that enhance whole health.

"The biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders by putting up these guard rails for me. This is changing my life by changing my ability to parent."
- Rosisella, mom of 2-year-old daughter

Cover of Discipline with Love and Limits.

Discipline with Love and Limits by Jerry L. Wyckoff, PhD and Barbara C. Unell

With over 1 million copies sold, this updated and completely revised bestseller is the only pediatrician-recommended guide for what to do and what not to do in encouraging, respectful ways when responding to everyday behavior challenges of toddlers to teens. Practical solutions on each page teach empathy and inclusiveness, reduce stress and anxiety, build positive relationships, and empower children to thrive emotionally and physically.

The proven, evidence-based strategies in this book have been the foundation of the authors’ decades of experience in private practice, training programs, consultation with school districts, parenting workshops, pediatric clinics , social service organizations and university courses, in addition to the online resource, BehaviorChecker.

“As the mother of six, I have found this book an invaluable beacon along the challenging road of parenting. It has been the go-to resource to inform and validate my parenting decisions, while granting me the fortitude to stand strong when I needed it most.”
- Melissa Bernstein, Co-founder of toy company Melissa and Doug and founder of Lifelines

ParentCare Coffee Breaks

At AdventHealth, we love hearing stories each week about how ParentCare is helping adults in our community thrive. Whether you are a mom, dad, grandparent, coach or teacher, ParentCare tips can help you have positive interactions with kids in your life.

Watch our new ParentCare Coffee Break short video series and get easy, practical tips to support you on your parenting journey. The video series is available online so you can get trusted advice 24/7.

Our Coffee Breaks share real-life quick answers for many topics from beating the winter blahs to stress-less summer schedules for kids of all ages. ParentCare Coffee Breaks were created to inspire you to try something new and share your success with others.

Have an idea you’d like us to cover in an upcoming Coffee Break? Share it with us!

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Watch Our Latest Coffee Breaks

How to Create a Musical Home and Benefits of a Musical Home

How do you create a musical home and what are the benefits? In these short Coffee Breaks, ParentCare's Barbara Unell, author of Discipline with Love and Limits, speaks with international children's musician Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove about three ways music can work wonders for your mind, body and spirit. As part of these talks, they also discuss things you can do at home to encourage music, while turning ordinary items into extraordinary musical instruments.

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