Recent Fraudulent Calls Not Associated with Ransom Memorial Health

A woman standing while holding a cell phone.
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Ransom Memorial Health (RMH) officials are warning consumers of fraudulent solicitation phone calls that use the hospital’s name, offering options to lower debt.

Several people have contacted the hospital concerning calls they have received at home or on cell phones that their caller ID feature identifies as originating from RMH. The phone number from which the scam calls originate is 785-248-followed by random numbers.

The calls do not come from RMH and the scammers have no access to RMH data. RMH and its affiliated clinics have never and will never sell, trade or lend patient personal information to any outside company for any reason.

We advise consumers to not give out any personal information to unknown callers. Patients may receive phone calls from RMH or an affiliated clinic, but anyone who is unsure whether a call is legitimate is encouraged to hang up and call RMH switchboard at Call785-229-8200.

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