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Their Care Means Everything to Us

Because They Mean Everything to You

The moment you become a parent, your heart belongs to someone else. There is no greater love. No greater joy. And no greater worry. It’s a love that comes naturally to you. And as the nation's leading pediatric experts, providing care for children comes naturally to us, too.

From the day you bring them home, you and your child will have the brightest minds in pediatric health care behind you. At AdventHealth, our network of world-class pediatric doctors includes more than 150 sub-specialists in childhood diabetes, allergies, cancer, neurology, and more. We’re here for every milestone and every growing pain, supporting your child’s healthy growth through evidence-based, whole-person medical treatments for kids at every age and every stage.

The Most Advanced Care

The Most Compassionate Support

  • Asthma Care
  • Circumcision for Newborns
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute (sudden) Illness or Injury
  • Immunizations
  • Lactation Support and Medicine for Mother and Infant
  • Medical Tests
  • Mental Health Evaluation & Treatment (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression)
  • Newborn Care
  • Screenings: Dental, Hearing, Lead, Nutrition, and Vision
  • Sick Care and Injuries
  • Sport and Camp Physicals
  • Sports Medicine
  • Teen Reproductive Health
  • Treatment of Chronic and Recurrent Health Conditions
  • Well-child Care (Routine Checkups)
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About Dr. Koster

Dr. Chris Koster, a pediatrician, began practicing full-time in AdventHealth Ottawa in November 2017. Dr. Koster comes to us from Lawrence Memorial Hospital where he was a pediatric hospitalist. Prior to that he worked at PANDA pediatrics in Lawrence. Besides being a spectacular physician, he has an amazing personality and will be an asset to our medical community. Dr. Koster’s clinic is located in Suite 3 of the Franklin County Annex.

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Specialized Care. Kid-Friendly Doctors.

Children’s Health Care You Can Count On

When your child needs more than a bandage or a kiss to "make it all better," you can count on our pediatric teams to help heal what hurts. We're here to provide expert pediatric health care for your child. And give you the strength and support you need throughout their healing process.

 Now Offering Vaccinations

We offer vaccinations for both private insurance and Medicaid/uninsured

We can also offer “catch up vaccine schedules” for children whose vaccinations have been delayed

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Sports Physicals

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Find Children's Care at AdventHealth Ottawa

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Specialized Care. Kid-Friendly Doctors

Children’s Health Care You Can Count On

You didn't see this coming. But now that the journey with your child's complex health issues has begun, there’s nothing you won’t do to ease the way. At AdventHealth, we’re right there with you. As your child’s dedicated pediatric care team, we’re here to provide a way forward that helps your little girl or boy live a full and joyful life.