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Does your dream of significant weight loss seem like a losing battle? Put the bariatric specialists at AdventHealth Ocala, formerly Florida Hospital Ocala, in your corner. From seminars and support groups to medical weight loss surgery, you’ll finally have the tools you need to achieve your goals — and change your life for the better.

We’re here to help you find the right physician or a location that’s convenient for you.

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Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?

You may be a candidate for bariatric surgery or care if you:

  • Are between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above
  • Have an weight-related condition, such as high blood pressure, heart disease or sleep apnea
  • Have tried to lose weight through other means, such as diet and exercise
  • Are psychologically ready and willing to commit to a whole new lifestyle
  • Are not dependent on drugs or alcohol
Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Significant and Lasting Weight Loss: By reducing hunger and increasing your feeling of fullness, bariatric procedures can help you lose weight quickly and keep it off. Studies show that more than 90 percent of bariatric patients are able to maintain a long-term weight loss of 50 percent excess body weight or more, when combined with healthy lifestyle changes.

Better Health and a Longer Life: By helping you lose weight, bariatric surgery can reduce your risk and even help reverse conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, sleep apnea, arthritis, asthma and acid reflux. It has also shown to drastically reduce — or even eliminate — type 2 diabetes. In fact, several large studies have found that severely obese people who have had medical weight loss surgery have a significantly lower risk of death than those who have not.

Happier, Healthier You: Studies have shown that self-esteem, work, social life and sexual function all improve after bariatric surgery. Unemployment, disability, depression and anxiety are significantly reduced, opening doors to more opportunities and a better quality of life.

Risks of Bariatric Surgery

All medical procedures carry some risk. The bariatric specialists at AdventHealth Ocala, formerly Florida Hospital Ocala, make sure you know what to look out for and how to help prevent complications. Pneumonia, blood clots, infection, bleeding, leaking at staple lines, ulcers, hernia and gallstones are rare but may occur. Generally, medical weight loss surgery has fewer risks compared to remaining morbidly obese.

Medical Weight Loss Procedures

Many bariatric surgery procedures can be performed laparoscopically, using several small incisions instead of one large one, and a camera and video monitor to guide the surgeon. Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive than conventional surgery, with faster recovery times and a lower risk of complications. In some cases, it can be performed robotically, using even smaller incisions and three-dimensional visualization. We’ll talk to you about whether laparoscopic bariatric surgery is an option for you.

  • Adjustable Gastric Banding: This surgery involves placing an inflatable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach to help you feel full sooner and longer. Surgeons can easily change the diameter of the band to meet weight loss needs, and the procedure is also reversible. This technique usually results in less pain and trauma than other weight loss surgeries and offers a faster recovery.
  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: This procedure involves removing approximately 75% of the stomach, leaving a slender stomach “sleeve.” This smaller stomach has a total capacity of just three to five ounces, so you’ll feel full after eating only two to four ounces of food.
  • Gastric Bypass: According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the National Institutes of Health, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the current gold standard procedure for weight loss surgery. It is also one of the most frequently performed medical weight loss procedures in the United States. This procedure involves creating a smaller stomach pouch, then connecting the pouch to a lower part of the small intestine, bypassing the first portion of the small intestine, where calories and nutrients are absorbed. This surgery also causes changes in hormones that also work to promote a feeling of fullness.
  • Non-Surgical Intra-Gastric Balloon Procedure: In this procedure, a soft, expandable silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach to reduce its capacity and create a sense of fullness. The balloon is inserted through the mouth during a 20-minute procedure using an endoscope, a long flexible tube.
  • Revision and Conversion Surgery: If you need revisions, corrections or conversions of a past bariatric surgery operation, we can assess your situation and recommend appropriate treatment.
Preparing Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

The first step we recommend is attending one of our free seminars on medical weight loss procedures. You’ll learn about the different bariatric surgery options, meet the bariatric surgeon, and find out what to expect before, during and after your procedure. To register for a seminar, call Call800-281-2864. We also offer an informational seminar.

Bariatric surgery or care is the start of a lifelong commitment to healthier living. To ensure you’re prepared, we provide counseling for the whole you:

  • Physical: You may need to follow a six-month, medically supervised weight loss program before your procedure. Losing some weight often prepares you for a safer surgery and faster recovery.
  • Mental and Emotional: You'll be evaluated by a licensed psychologist to assess your readiness and ensure you can make the lifestyle changes needed for long-term success. The psychologist may coach you on the kinds of adjustments you’ll face after your procedure.
Support for Success

Throughout your weight loss journey, you’ll have the support of our care coordinators to help you make appointments and access all our resources. You’ll also have the chance to attend monthly support group meetings to share information and experiences, discuss nutrition post-surgery exercise and even exchange recipes and clothing. To learn more about our support group, call Call352-671-2099.

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A Team of Bariatric Specialists

Committed to a Leaner, Healthier You

Our bariatric surgeons, nurses, dieticians and support professionals will create a personalized treatment path just for you. We’ll make sure you’re prepared, know how to care for yourself after your procedure, and will provide follow-up care for your health, safety and continued success.

Bariatric Excellence

Accredited and Recognized

You can be sure your weight loss plans are in the best hands. Our program:

  • Designated Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery from Florida Blue, 2017
  • Accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program, which requires independent, voluntary and rigorous peer evaluation in accordance with nationally recognized standards
  • Selected as the “Best of the Best 2017” for bariatric surgery by the Ocala Star Banner

Informational seminars are held on the second Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7:00 pm.

Achieve a Healthy Weight

With a Whole Team by Your Side

Our expert team of Bariatric and Weight Care specialists is here to help you achieve a healthier weight and a healthier life. Trust our network of care to help guide and support you in your journey to wellness. With access to a wide range of bariatric doctors, weight loss experts, community resources, and local support services, you can count on our multidisciplinary team to help you overcome any roadblocks in your journey to better health. We are here to be your coach — and biggest cheerleader — on the way to success.