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State Leaders and Economic Development groups bring job creation, and investment to Clay County

State leaders and a few economic development groups are ringing in the new year, by bringing investment and job creation to Clay County and South Eastern Kentucky. Thousands of dollars given to Manchester will go into the community and pave the way for new housing, small business, job creation, and high tech farming in the Appalachian region. According to state leaders, Kentucky shattered the record books for investment and job creation last year with more than 11 billion dollars invested. That money is expected to create 18,000 full time jobs. Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman believes that location matters, which is why the next area to get an upgrade is Manchester in Clay County.

“I don’t believe that zip code should never determine the limitations of your opportunity,” says Lt. Governor Coleman.

With the help of Kentucky leaders and the collaboration of different economic development groups, two projects are slated for Manchester.

“One of the projects is called “Lettuce Grow” It includes two container farms where Volunteers of America and AppHarvest will be partnering to create new jobs to bring this new Aggtech to Clay County to stimulate our local economy,” Says Jennifer Hancock, the President and CEO of Volunteers of America Mid-States.

The other project is a partnership between AdventHealth and Volunteers of America for a major renovation on main street, which aims to invest in small business and invest in those who want a second chance.

“We are going to prioritize individuals who have come out of treatment centers locally and regionally who are seeking a second chance,” says Hancock.

“You will be able to see the fruits of that labor coming to life right here in Manchester and the revitalization of downtown and the investment in jobs that are going to come right here to this community. This is what this is all about,” adds Lt. Governor Coleman.

Members of the project say right now they’re looking at contractors to help with the development. The hope is to break ground by the second quarter of this year.

You can view the video and full article from ABC 36 WTVQ at the following link.

State leaders and Economic Development groups bring job creation, and investment to Clay County - ABC 36 News (