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Southern Adventist University Students participate in Global Missions at AdventHealth Manchester

The Southern Adventist University students embarked on a journey of service, arriving in Kentucky with hearts full of compassion and a desire to make a difference. From March 8th to March 13th, they dedicated themselves to volunteering at AdventHealth's Global Mission Project in Clay County, one of the state's poorest areas.

With a team of 11 students, 2 instructors, and 2 guests, they set out to fulfill their mission. Guided by their purpose, they conducted pre-assessments and post-assessments, meticulously evaluating the impact of their efforts. Their dedication was evident as they pre-sorted eight skids of household goods for transitional housing, supporting Volunteers of America moms in their journey towards stability.

Among their accomplishments, they constructed a vital ramp, ensuring accessibility for those in need. They reached out to the community, hosting a Free Biometric Screening. They tirelessly visited churches, distributed flyers, and spread awareness about the clinic held at AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab in Garrard, KY.

At the heart of their mission was a commitment to health and well-being. The free health screening offered vital checks, including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides, providing crucial insights into the community's health.

As they bid farewell to Clay County, the students carried with them not only memories of their impactful service, but also the profound gratitude of those whose lives they touched. Their journey may have been brief, but its impact will resonate for years to come, a testament to the power of compassion and service.