Our Team and Culture

Rebuilding Lives: AdventHealth's Mission Work in Oneida, Kentucky

We had the privilege of hosting the Southeast Region Mission and Ministry team for three days of mission work in our local community of Oneida, Kentucky. The team consisted of volunteers from Georgia and North Carolina, who came to assist us with rebuilding handicap ramps for three people in need. We were amazed by their dedication, generosity, and skills as they worked tirelessly to improve the living conditions of our neighbors.

Rebuilding Ramps and Porches

One of the projects that the team tackled was rebuilding a broken-down ramp for an elderly lady, who used the ramp to pull her golf cart onto her back porch. She used this golf cart to get around her house and to get to her vehicle as she is very weak on her feet. The team also built a ramp for her front porch so she would not have to use the steps, and closed in her back porch so the wind and weather would not hurt her golf cart. The homeowner said she was very appreciative of the team’s hard work and shared how the ramps have made her daily life much easier. Her son stopped in during the project and told the team that they were doing “top notch work.”

The team also helped to repair a ramp that had some rotten wood, ensuring a safer walkway for another lady. She also had some painting that needed done inside her house, and the team was able to get that done for her. As some of the team members were busy painting and repairing the ramp for this lady, the other volunteers finished another community member’s porch and lattice that had been affected by the floods of the previous year. These were some of the finishing touches on the community member’s new home that AdventHealth assisted her to receive, and she was glad to see everything finally coming to a close.

Thanking Our Volunteers

We are so grateful to the Southeast Region Mission and Ministry team for their service and love for our community. They helped us with the physical needs of our neighbors and shared their faith and friendship with them. They truly embodied the spirit of AdventHealth's mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ. We hope to see them again soon and continue our partnership in serving our community.