Live Life Scholarships Awarded to Clay County High School Students

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Erika Skula, CEO of Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) presented four Clay County High School (CCHS) students with their Live Life scholarships on May 25, 2016. The Live Life Scholarship Fund was created to help jumpstart college education for students in their senior year, who wished to pursue their dream of entering the field of healthcare.

Students were asked to submit an essay on why they wanted to enter the medical/healthcare field, along with fulfilling other criteria, like having school attendance in the 90th percentile and a minimum GPA of 3.0. The selection was done by a committee and was completely unbiased and blind.

Five students were selected for the year 2015-2016, out of which four successfully completed between 190 200 volunteer hours at the hospital; spread throughout the semester. We at MMH are pleased to recognize and award students who have worked hard for their scholastic achievements, said Erika Skula, CEO of the hospital. We look forward to rewarding deserving students again this year with funds that will help them in their college career.

Apart from securing a $1,000 scholarship, the students availed other priceless benefits as well like: the students potential to teach others beyond MMH, in college, medical school, and other professionals in the health field, about CREATION Life and its preventative health principles; and the potential for those students to further their career through networking and making important connections, receiving advice and guidance by health professionals within MMH. We hope to, one day, see these students come back to serve the community and carry out the hospitals mission.

*published in the Manchester Enterprise

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