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Celebrating Women's History Month with Cindy Dezarn

Cindy Dezarn has been a team member in the Laboratory department at AdventHealth Manchester for 32 years. In high school, she was interested in the medical field, but was not certain which career path she wanted to take. Cindy’s high school guidance counselor recommended laboratory science as a good option for her, which led her to pursue a medical laboratory technician certification. She graduated from her program of study on a Sunday, then went straight to work Monday morning in her first role as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Cindy now serves as a Medical Technologist, General Lab Supervisor, and Lead Micro Technician.

When asked what her advice would be to anyone considering a career in healthcare, Cindy shares, “I advise anyone considering a healthcare career to make sure they have the right heart for it, as they must have a servant's attitude and be willing to sacrifice and give to others.” There are many challenges healthcare professionals must face throughout their careers, and Cindy noted the greatest challenge she has faced during her career is balancing work and family life. “Someone always has to be there [at the hospital], so sometimes you have to make sacrifices and spend time away from your family. But that’s your job and that’s part of working in healthcare.”

Cindy said, “To stay motivated, I try to serve people and have a servant's attitude, like Jesus. […] The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I've had a part in saving someone's life, even though I'm behind the scenes.” She also shared that in addition to caring for people behind the scenes, “My favorite part of my job is being the lead micro tech and growing organisms. It's very hands-on, and I enjoy seeing the different characteristics of the organisms as they grow.”

Cindy’s wonderful work ethic, passion for laboratory science, and love of people are a beautiful representation of the mission and service standards of AdventHealth.