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AdventHealth’s Architectural Tribute to Manchester Historic District Buildings

In an age of rapidly changing modern advances, architecture and building design choices often reflect the sleek newness of the modern era. While the construction and renovations of AdventHealth Primary Care Clinic certainly represent all the beauty and freshness of modern constructions, tucked into the clinic’s modern design is a beautiful tribute to the rich heritage of the community served by this building.

While the county’s natural beauty often steals the spotlight, the rich geological diversity of Clay County remains a hidden treasure tucked into buildings throughout the Manchester Historic District. Sandstone, with its rich earthy hues and coarse texture, from the geologic formation known as the “Breathitt Formation,” was the source for much of the sandstone used in the design of the historic buildings of Manchester[1].

In tribute to the hidden treasure of the rich geological resources of the area and to the architectural heritage of Clay County, AdventHealth Manchester has included this same sandstone in the design of the recent renovations to the AdventHealth Primary Care clinic in Manchester.

Clay County is not only a haven of natural beauty but also a repository of remarkable building stones that have shaped its architectural heritage. Sandstone, carved from the earth by skilled hands, has left an indelible mark on the county’s history and culture. AdventHealth is proud to be a part of the rich history of this community through nods to the past, like the inclusion of this beautiful sandstone, and through many years of service to the people and place we love so dearly—Clay County.

[1] Clay County Historical Society, Feb. 2023, Section 8, p.48.