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AdventHealth Manchester Now Offers Osteoporosis Program

AdventHealth Manchester is proud to offer an innovative osteoporosis program to help patients prevent this serious condition and improve their Lifelong Bone Health. Our orthopedic team is dedicated to helping patients maintain bone health and strength as they age.

We understand that age, gender, and ethnicity are all factors that can increase your risk for osteoporosis, so we’ve developed a comprehensive program to help you stay strong.

Our orthopedic specialists can provide screenings and tests to detect early signs of this condition and offer a variety of treatments and therapies to manage the symptoms of osteoporosis.

The key to preventing osteoporosis is to maintain good bone health for life. Our team is committed to helping you do just that. We’ll provide the resources and support you need to stay active and enjoy a healthy life.

To learn more about our osteoporosis program, please call us at Call606-598-4529 or visit us online at Our team is here to help you stay strong and healthy.