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AdventHealth Manchester Celebrates Successful CREATION Life Health Fair

AdventHealth Manchester is proud to announce the successful completion of the CREATION Life Health Fair, held today at Eastern Kentucky University's Manchester Campus. The event, which took place from 10 AM to 2 PM, offered free health screenings, wellness activities, and valuable health information to a large number of attendees.

The event was made possible by the generous support of our sponsors: EKU Manchester, IGA, Wal-Mart, and Subway. Their contributions played a crucial role in the fair's success, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for their partnership.

The CREATION Life Corner was a highlight of the fair, providing insights into holistic health practices, and the participation of community agencies and partners who shared resources and support services. Attendees also enjoyed giveaways, door prizes, and the opportunity to interact with health professionals.

This year's fair was a remarkable success, with over 150 attendees, 50 vendors participating, and 14 biometric screenings completed.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the dedicated AdventHealth team members who volunteered at the event today: Tina Couch, Jay Creech, Elaina McPhetridge, Jonathon Owens, Crystal Day, Sally Siler, Mandi Truett, RN; Christina Baker, Michelle Stewart, Sarah Woods, Sheila Asker, Robin Hensley, Tina Carnahan, RN; Polly Hatfield, Ashley Zamalloa, Shawna Smith, Quincie Owens, David Watson, Meghan Hibbard, Danielle Shepherd, Lynsey Saylor, RN; Robin Smith, Roxana Abner, RN; Anita Gabbard, RN; Trina Roberts, Deron Sizemore, and Dietician Kellie Gray, Nina Bowman, Sherri Vallance, and many others who made this event possible.

"We are overwhelmed by the support from our sponsors, volunteers, and the positive impact this event has had on our community," said Crystal Day. "Their contributions have been instrumental in making this health fair a success."

The health fair is part of AdventHealth Manchester's ongoing commitment to serving the community and aligns with their mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ through whole-person care.

For more information about future events and health resources, contact AdventHealth Manchester at Call606-598-5104.