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AdventHealth Celebrates Employee Dedication at Annual Service Awards

AdventHealth Manchester proudly recognized the outstanding commitment and dedication of its team members at the annual Service Awards ceremony. The event honored employees who have reached remarkable milestones in their service, with a special focus on those with 10 or more years of dedicated contribution.

Awards and lunch was provided to team members with words of praise from their managers.

Among the distinguished honorees were those celebrating an impressive 35 years of service:

- Tammie Hacker
- Shelby Reynolds

The company also extended its heartfelt appreciation to individuals marking 30 years of commitment:

- Pamela Dubbels
- Lesa Smith

Recognizing the 25-year mark, the following employees were applauded:

- Tammy Cook

Those reaching 20 years of dedicated service include:

- Shelia Asher
- Angela Blair
- Deborah Eversole
- Patricia Hughes

A round of applause and gratitude were extended to team members celebrating 15 years of service:

- Tiffany Bell
- Eric Burchfield
- Patricia Cress
- Veronica Hensley
- Johnny Henson
- Kimberly Hibbard
- Tracie Hibbard
- Kimberly Hicks
- Brandon Hicks
- Amy Lee
- Seattie Lunsford
- Jennifer Mills
- Jessie Owens
- James Patterson
- Chrissy Shepard
- Carol Smith
- Carolyn Smith
- Shelia Thomas
- Charlene Wagers
- Latasha Williams
- Paula Kampmeir

Finally, acknowledging a decade of dedicated service, the following team members were honored:

- Rachel Bennett
- Bertha Clark
- Tina Couch
- Claude Davis
- Ashley Goebel
- Kellie Gray
- Cynthia Maggard
- Ryan Napier
- Angela Rice
- Mary Roberts
- Sherri Vallance
- Eugenia Wilson
- Anthony Young

AdventHealth Manchester congratulates and expresses gratitude to each of these remarkable individuals for their unwavering commitment and contributions, shaping the success and growth of the company over the years.