AdventHealth Awarded KORE Grant

AdventHealth Corporate Building

AdventHealth Manchester’s Whole Person Recovery has been awarded the KORE Grant from the state of Kentucky, which will provide over $400, 000 of Substance Abuse Treatment services including funding for provider education in the field of addiction, additional mental health staffing, and support staff for the substance abuse recovery program at AdventHealth Manchester’s Whole Person Recovery clinic.

The funding from the KORE Grant will provide 6 mental health and support staff positions: 2 Licensed Clinical Social Workers, 2 Targeted Case Managers, 1 Peer Support Specialist, and 1 Certified Medical Assistant. With the additional staff provided by the grant, Whole Person Recovery will be able serve and treat nearly double the number of patients currently within the program over the course of 1 year. Partnership and Advisory Committees will be established to provide feedback for the program and to assist in making improvements in local recovery-related services. The grant will also allow Whole Person Recovery to expand their holistic, recovery supports such as adult education, job placement, and social services. AdventHealth Manchester is thrilled to be able to expand their current recovery services to better meet the needs of our community through the KORE Grant and partnerships with other local organizations.