Emergency Room Care You Can Count On

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In the event of an emergency in your family, you want quick, dependable care that’s close to home. At AdventHealth Manchester, we can provide you with the care of our certified, highly skilled ER team who have more than 150 years of combined experience.

With advanced X-ray and imaging technology done by radiology experts who have advanced training through Radiology Specialists of Florida (RSF) — plus trauma and cardiac rooms where patients can be treated with top-of-the-line resources to ensure they receive the best possible care — our high-quality emergency room care can provide relief in all types of situations.

University of Kentucky Gill Heart & Vascular Institute Affiliate

As a member of the Gill Affiliate Network, AdventHealth Manchester can access the cardiovascular specialists and experts at Gill Heart & Vascular Institute. Through this unique collaboration, experts from Gill are available to provide cardiovascular-specific education and training programs for our physicians to ensure they are up-to-date with the most current resources and information.

Hospitals that are members of the Gill Affiliate Network can also request customized support to address their cardiovascular needs and assist with the development of their cardiac programs. By working together, Gill and AdventHealth are able to provide the right care in the right place at the right time. This ensures that the full complement of heart care is available to patients across the region.

Laura Baker, UK HealthCare Market Development Manager, explains, “Our affiliate network is meant to expand upon the three-point mission of UK HealthCare — from clinical, research and educational perspectives. So, this affiliation is an opportunity for us to educate health care providers at AdventHealth Manchester.”

Ashwini Anand, MD, Director of Cardiology at AdventHealth Manchester and Associate Professor at UK, is currently working to train UK physician’s assistant students at AdventHealth Manchester. “We’re in the process of developing additional cardiac programs that coordinate with academic programs through UK to bring more training opportunities to nurses, physicians and staff at AdventHealth,” Dr. Anand says.

“When a patient comes to our emergency room with an urgent cardiac need, they are initially evaluated by our hospitalists, and if advanced cardiac care is needed, they’re transferred to UK for further management,” Dr. Anand explains.

Rebecca Craft, Director of Cardiovascular Outreach Operations at UK HealthCare, shares the importance of having highly trained and educated providers right in our community. “Through the Gill Affiliate Network, our goal is to provide member hospitals, like AdventHealth Manchester, with training and education that enables patients to receive care locally for as long as possible with the understanding that Gill is available to provide advanced care and clinical trials for patients with advanced, complex cardiac disease.”

Radiology Specialists of Florida (RSF)

In addition to advanced cardiac care, our ER can also provide imaging services through RSF, a specialized group of radiologists comprised of more than 100 physicians and nearly ten different subspecialties within the practice of radiology. Radiologists are doctors who are trained in diagnosing and/or treating diseases and injuries using medical imaging procedures like x-rays, ultrasound, MRI, CT and more.

“RSF is a great benefit to us, being in a smaller community. It’s a big advantage for our patients when they can have timely reports on scans and X-rays, and receive follow-up calls with their results, whether good or bad, much sooner than if they were to go elsewhere,” says hospitalist Emmanuel Yumang, MD.

Our trusted radiology experts are nationally recognized in diagnostic and interventional imaging, offering advanced, high-quality imaging. Our inpatient and outpatient imaging studies are read by over 50 sub-specialized radiology experts who belong to RSF. If you or a family member visit our ER, you may find yourself in need of specialized imaging services, including:

  • Body imaging

  • Emergency radiology

  • Musculoskeletal radiology

  • Neuroradiology

  • Nuclear medicine/PET

  • Pediatric radiology

  • Women’s imaging

Advanced Tools Add Convenience to Your Care

We’re working to make your care more convenient. With compassion and skill, we’re ready to help bring you healing in body, mind and spirit.

To help add even more convenience to your ER care plan, we’ve added a unique Tele-ICU program that provides monitoring by highly trained intensivist physicians and critical care nurses 24 hours per day, seven days a week. AdventHealth Manchester partnered with Advanced ICU Care® to implement this program and meet the best practice standard of having intensivist physicians monitor ICU patients around the clock.

This service allows for two-way video access in each patient’s room, enabling face-to-face consultations between the bedside and the Advanced ICU Care team during periods of evaluation or whenever requested.

We’re Here When You Need Us

If you need emergency medical treatments, you can count on us. Our team at AdventHealth Manchester can help to treat all types of conditions and disorders. For more on heart and vascular care, click here. To learn more about our emergency room services, click here.

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