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Kenmure Fights Cancer Donation Funds Advanced Cancer Surgery Technology at AdventHealth Hendersonville

N.C., Kenmure Fights Cancer Donation Funds Advanced Cancer Surgery Technology at AdventHealth Hendersonville

Dec. 6, 2021; HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. – The AdventHealth Hendersonville Foundation is grateful for the continuing support of the incredible members of the Kenmure Fights Cancer program. This year the group continued its support for state-of-the-art cancer care at AdventHealth Hendersonville with its donation of $51,500.18 to the AdventHealth Hendersonville Foundation.

This year’s donation to is designated for the purchase of a Hologic LOCalizer wire-free guidance system. This technology is a wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) breast lesion localization system that enables precision and ease of use for breast surgery guidance. AdventHealth physicians will use it during mass or tumor removal surgeries to pinpoint a more precise area of tissue that should be removed. This means a less invasive surgery for the patient.

“Since 2008, Kenmure residents have committed their generosity towards advancing cancer care for people in Henderson County,” said Sherri Holbert, Director of AdventHealth Hendersonville Foundation. “Their support directly impacts the patients we care for at AdventHealth by enabling us to purchase new and necessary technology to further advance cancer care in our hospital. The funding received from Kenmure Fights Cancer this year alone covers the entire cost of the LOCalizer technology, allowing for our hospital to integrate this remarkable technology without any financial strains.”

In the past 13 years, Kenmure Fights Cancer has donated more than $700,000 for cancer care in our community, including at AdventHealth Hendersonville. The program organizes fundraising events through-out the year to raise money to advance cancer care.

“Beyond the gratitude we feel as a Foundation and a Hospital for the generosity of the donors who are so committed to funding Kenmure Fights Cancer initiatives, we know our patients are eternally grateful,” Holbert said, “We cannot thank the residents of Kenmure enough for their 13 years of support.”