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Mother and Daughter Bond Through a Shared Calling to Care at AdventHealth

Mother and Daughter Team Members at AdventHealth Hendersonville

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By Emily Lynes, AdventHealth Writer

Mother’s Day is a special reminder to appreciate and celebrate all the mothers in our lives. For Operating Room Manager, Terri Worley, MSN, BSN, RN and her daughter Ashley Jenkins, CNA, working together at AdventHealth Hendersonville has given their relationship a deeper connection.

Ashley grew up watching her mom work in health care. She was inspired to take the Certified Nursing Assistant course while she was still in high school and started working at a local nursing home. It was while working there that she realized her passion for working with geriatric patients. “I just really like caring for older people,” Ashley shares, “Even at the nursing home, there’s something about the elderly population.”

“She took that CNA class and decided that was her calling,” Terri recalls, “She just always hung out with older people, and she relates to them really well. I think that’s what helps her, and why she likes that population.”

In 2017, Ashley started working at AdventHealth Hendersonville as a CNA in the behavioral health unit. What impressed her most about AdventHealth was the friendly working environment. “I wanted to be at a smaller place where I felt like people actually cared about their employees,” Ashley says, “And that’s what drew me to AdventHealth. Everybody is a lot more friendly, and it’s a lot more close knit.”

Ashley urged her mother to join her in working at AdventHealth Hendersonville. And one day, after bringing Ashley lunch and talking with Ashley’s coworkers, Terri decided it was time to make the move to work at AdventHealth. Ashley’s coworkers told Terri, “We just love your daughter. She’s a wonderful CNA and we love having her as part of our team.”

“That made me feel really good to know that people did value her, and respect her like that,” Terri explains, “That makes you feel good when somebody compliments your child. So I was like, yeah, it’s time to make the move.” Terri joined Ashley at AdventHealth Hendersonville in August 2020, and soon became the OR Manager for Surgery.

They enjoy being able to see each other blossom in each of their roles at work. Ashley recently won the Sunflower Award for excellence in her profession. She was recognized by her team members for her upbeat attitude, treating patients with respect, and always making sure they are well taken care of, mentally and physically.

“I am very proud of her,” Terri says, “She’s my daughter, and she does care for her patients. She goes above and beyond for those patients. It’s rewarding to know that the way we raised her did make a difference.”

For Ashley, her experience in the Behavioral Health Unit at AdventHealth Hendersonville has solidified her decision to go back to school to get her nursing degree. She wants to continue caring for geriatric patients, and AdventHealth has given her the opportunity to do that. “Sometimes it's nice just to have time with the patients,” Ashley says, “I sit there and listen to how they are feeling. And if they feel like they need to talk to a chaplain, they are just a phone call away.”

AdventHealth’s philosophy of whole-person care resonates with both Ashley and Terri. “I think it’s just that natural thing you have, to provide that care and comfort for a patient,” Terri shares, “Sometimes it's the mind, spirit and soul that has to be part of healing, not just the medical aspect of it. And AdventHealth does a really good job of incorporating all of that for their patients.”

The mother and daughter duo have found a home at AdventHealth Hendersonville. And this Mother’s Day they celebrate not only their relationship, but their shared calling to care and bring healing and hope to their patients.

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