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The Importance of Philanthropy

A mom puts a facemask on her son.
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Philanthropy, the love of humankind, has not taken a backseat during the COVID-19 pandemic. We recently had the incredible opportunity to virtually ask Taryn Hoffman, Executive Director of Green Side Up Foundation, why she feels giving to children with pediatric cancer is more important than ever.

Q: Your passion for helping pediatric cancer patients is your driving force in creating and growing your nonprofit, Green Side Up Foundation. Can you describe what compels you to give to children’s cancer services at AdventHealth Hendersonville specifically?

TH: What compels me to give to AdventHealth Hendersonville’s pediatric cancer patients is the loving, spiritual environment, compassion and sensitivity to the whole human being.

Q: COVID-19 has certainly not deterred your generous heart—why do you feel it’s important for you to continue giving to pediatric cancer patients at AdventHealth during this unprecedented time?

TH: Pediatric cancer doesn’t take a vacation even during a pandemic such as COVID-19. If anything, a comprised immune system is even more alarming during COVID. Hopefully, our donations will lift a child up in these unprecedented times.

Q: Green Side Up Foundation is run by you and your two sons, Damien and Derek. How do you foresee the legacy of Green Side Up progressing through your sons and their children?

TH: I foresee Green Side Up Foundation progressing and continuing through my granddaughters. My oldest is 11 and she is going to help me once COVID is over with a future luncheon. My three granddaughters have engaged their school, Rainbow Community School, in activities such as making get well cards, holiday cards, and a Band-Aid drive last year. We will see what we are able to do this year since most of school is virtual.

Q: What is the most heartwarming experience that you have encountered from your generosity while running Green Side Up Foundation so far?

TH: Everything I have done since taking the role of Executive Director in 2015 for Green Side Up Foundation has been heartwarming. Every encounter, fundraiser, and especially the privilege of meeting patients, physicians, and donors has touched my heart. I am grateful to be able to do this work for such a noble cause. Children are the most innocent among us, and it makes me feel I can make a difference in a child’s day and life to bring joy through Green Side Up Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

Taryn Hoffman, Executive Director of Green Side Up, with her two sons.

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