20 Compliments You Can Gift Right Now

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You’re truly one-of-a-kind.

And you may not realize it, but a genuine compliment is a gift. This little expression of positivity can transform a bad day into a good one, a scowl into a smile and self-doubt into sheer confidence — like magic. Now, what else could you possibly give someone that has the power to do that?

Compliments are so meaningful because their messages are deeper than words alone. Compliments tell someone that you’re aware, and you really see them. That you’re listening. That you appreciate something about them and are taking the time to acknowledge it. These unexpected surprises of gratitude connect us to one another in the sincerest way.

And best of all? You don’t even have to lay it on thick. Simple compliments can be just as powerful.

Here are 20 quick compliments you can gift right now to bring a bit of cheer into someone else’s day:

  1. Great work!
  2. You’re an amazing friend.
  3. You’re really generous.
  4. You have the best laugh.
  5. You look nice today.
  6. You’re so genuine.
  7. You have accomplished so much.
  8. That was impressive.
  9. I really admire your style.
  10. You handled that so well.
  11. You always know what to say.
  12. You’re hilarious!
  13. You’re so strong.
  14. You’re fun!
  15. You really helped me.
  16. You’re inspiring.
  17. You’re so creative.
  18. You’re a great problem-solver.
  19. You always do the right thing.
  20. You’re extraordinary.

So challenge yourself to compliment someone new. A few syllables might be all it takes to turn their day around.

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