AdventHealth Gordon Purchases New Hyperbaric Chamber

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Gordon_Hyperbaric Chamber

AdventHealth Gordon recently purchased the Sechrist Model 4100 hyperbaric chamber for the hospital’s Wound Care department. Now with two hyperbaric chambers, AdventHealth Gordon can provide more patients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps wound healing by exposing the body to an environment of 100 percent oxygen in an enclosed chamber where the atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. This helps accelerate the healing process by allowing more oxygen into the cells, reducing infections and regenerating healthy tissue.

The Sechrist Model 4100 hyperbaric chamber is the largest and most advanced monoplace hyperbaric chamber currently available. With a fully integrated entertainment system and expanded chamber size, patients can recline and rest during their treatment creating a more comfortable experience.

“We’re committed to investing in the necessary technology to provide world-class Wound Care treatments to our community,” said Eric Henderson, director of wound care and hyperbaric medicine. “This new hyperbaric chamber will allow us to continue to improve our quality of care.”

For more information on Wound Care at AdventHealth Gordon, please call 706-879-5760.

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