5 ways to stay healthy during the holiday season

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Holiday gatherings are filled with smiles, laughter, and an enormous amount of food. Unfortunately, for many, this means overeating and gaining weight. But with a little willpower and focusing on a healthy balance of food, activity, and fun, you can make this holiday season a healthy one. Eat well and be well with the following tips.

1. Don't ignore fruits and vegetables.

Holiday spreads don't always have the healthiest choices, but there are likely to be some different fruits and vegetables available. Fill up at least half your plate with nutritious fruits and veggies to help you feel fuller longer to avoid overeating.

2. Enjoy in moderation.

Eating too much anytime of the year is harmful, but its especially unhealthy during the holidays when so many carb-loaded and sugary foods are at every family dinner. To avoid this, use a smaller plate to help with portion control instead of traditional large Styrofoam plates.

3. Stay active.

The holiday season makes it easy to say there isn't enough time for your regular exercise schedule. Instead of going to the gym, take a walk with your family, or play a sport with your friends. Not only does this allow you to stay active, it also allows you to spend quality time with those who mean the most.

4. Don't skip meals.

It might sound like a good idea to skip lunch when attending a holiday dinner later that day, but it does more harm than good. Doing this will make you overeat. Without enough nutrients, your blood sugar will drop, and your metabolism will slow.

5. Make dessert count.

With the endless dessert options at holiday dinners, it can be difficult to make the healthy choice. Instead of eating several different desserts, choose one. Also, save your calories for the special dessert you're looking forward to most instead of wasting calories on something you don't like as much.

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