Childbirth Education And Breastfeeding Classes

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  • Childbirth education and breastfeeding classes can provide a great environment for questions, sharing fears and making a birthing plan.

    There are a series of three classes each month, and attendance to all three classes are necessary to receive all educational information. The first two classes are focused on childbirth education, and the third class in the series is the breastfeeding class.

    During childbirth education classes, parents will learn what to expect before, during and after birth to build their confidence. Knowing what to expect can make a substantial difference in one’s birthing experience. Breastfeeding classes are taught by AdventHealth Gordon lactation counselors. Every time a mother breastfeeds her baby, she helps their immune system develop and their brain to grow. Classes are a good opportunity to be with other moms, make new friends and learn about the various stages of breastfeeding.

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