Tips For Your Whole Health

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Its time to take control of your whole health! And were here to help.

We believe in promoting whole-person health to help our communities achieve a more rewarding and satisfying life. Here are our tips on how to facilitate physical healing, emotional well-being and a positive spiritual connection.

Select a daily reading book Your spirituality is so personal to you. Maybe it inspires you to pray throughout the day, take time for quiet mindfulness, or reach out to others as a volunteer or mentor. Whatever form your own spirituality takes, it can be an important part of nurturing who you are. Begin by picking up the Bible, a book of quotes or daily devotionals - whichever meets your needs best. Take your time to try to connect with the words and reflect on how they can influence your life.

Stay active Exercise has long been known to prevent heart disease and diabetes while improving your mood and energy, among other benefits. But exercise has also been shown to boost brain health and mood, too. And the good news is that any activity that gets your heart pumping and lungs breathing faster counts. That includes gardening, walking briskly, seated exercises and swimming, just to name a few.

Mindful eating You've probably heard about the many ways proper nutrition can contribute to your health by protecting you from illness, giving you more energy and helping you achieve a healthy weight. Add one more benefit to the list: a healthy brain. What you eat may even help protect your memory down the road.

Make the most of your free time Enrich your time off with activities you enjoy and that allow you to feel connected, both to your true self and to the world around you. Pick up an old hobby that you decided you didn't have time for. Run a peaceful bath. Read a book. Try something new to renew your spirit.

Rest Rest is so important that it's one of the foundations of our CREATION Life model. Beyond its ability to replenish the body after a long days work, rest has the power to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and provide even more health benefits that we are just beginning to discover. Listen to your body, and take time alone when you need it to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

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