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Supporting Your Child’s Long-Term Wellness

Childhood obesity is a complex condition that dramatically increases the risk of other serious health problems, such as diabetes, liver disease, heart disease and mental health conditions. If your child has tried different weight-loss methods for severe obesity without success, adolescent bariatric surgery (also known as pediatric weight-loss surgery) is a procedure that can help children and teens achieve better health when combined with lifestyle changes.

Evaluation for adolescent bariatric surgery is extensive, and we know that it is not a decision you and your child are making lightly. Together with your family, our multispecialty adolescent bariatric care team will guide you through your options for weight-loss surgery for teens and children to determine the best path. AdventHealth for Children has the only Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Program in Central Florida offering bariatric procedures and a range of support services to help your family maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Find the right adolescent bariatric surgeon or location that’s convenient for you.

Surgical Weight-Loss Procedures

There are currently two bariatric procedures our team performs on adolescent patients. The right choice for a candidate will depend on many factors, including their goals, comorbidities and unique health history.

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    Sleeve Gastrectomy

    Also known as gastric sleeve surgery, this procedure removes up to 80% of the stomach and can lead to rapid weight loss. The gastric sleeve has become a popular option since it doesn’t involve bypassing the small intestine and has a low rate of long-term complications. It is also still fairly effective at improving or potentially resolving Type 2 diabetes for many patients.

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    Gastric Bypass

    Bypass surgery is designed to make the stomach much smaller. A smaller stomach pouch is created and connected directly to the small intestine. By enabling food to bypass much of the stomach and part of the small intestine, your child will get full more quickly, with less desire to eat, helping them keep the weight off for years to come.

Meet Our Comprehensive Care Team

Each patient is guided by a multidisciplinary team experienced in the metabolic and psychological needs of children and their families.

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Indira Abraham Pratt, PHD

Indira Abraham-Pratt, PHD

Pediatric Clinical Health Psychologist

Aleksander Bernshteyn, MD

Aleksander Bernshteyn, MD

Pediatric Surgeon

Angela Fals, MD, FAAP, DABOM, CCMS

Angela Fals, MD, FAAP, DABOM, CCMS

Obesity Medicine Physician

Konda Reddy, MD

Konda Reddy, MD

Pediatric Endocrinologist

Leslie Berry

Leslie Berry


Exercise Psychologist

Olivia De Fanti, MS, CSCS, EP-C

Exercise Physiologist

Kara Hubbard, Care Coordinator for Adolescent Bariatrics

Kara Hubbard

Care Coordinator

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Trusted Care from Our Accredited Team

The adolescent bariatrics program at AdventHealth for Children in Orlando has been accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program for surgical treatment of severe obesity and its related conditions. To earn this designation, AdventHealth for Children in Orlando met stringent criteria for staffing, training and facility infrastructure and protocols for care, ensuring its ability to support patients with severe obesity.

Answering Your Adolescent Weight-Loss Surgery FAQs

We know your consideration of bariatric surgery involves a lot of questions. Here are some answers to some common questions and concerns.

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Learn More and Get Started

The evaluation process for adolescent weight-loss surgery is intensive and not every child is a candidate. Whatever your family is facing, we’re here to support you. To learn more about the process and connect with our care coordinator, please call 407-609-4311 or complete the appointment request form below.

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Continued Care for Adults

Our expert team at AdventHealth Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery is here to help with weight loss in our adult patients as well. Trust our network of care to help guide and support you in your journey to wellness. With access to our network of bariatric doctors, weight loss experts, and community resources you can count on us to help you find success in your journey to better health.