Volunteer of the Month | Robert Cairns

We’re honored to feature January’s Volunteer of the Month, Robert Cairns. Through his own health journey, Robert is commitment to finding a cure by supporting our Diabetes Center and Translational Research Lab. Take a look at Robert’s journey with AdventHealth from his perspective below.

Robert Cairns Diabetes History

I was diagnosed with TYPE 1 Diabetes in November 1977. There was no one in Orlando at that time to provide the care and guidance needed. There was no blood sugar testing and the urine tests were orange high or blue low. In 1978 I went to the Joslin Clinic in Boston where they had the only blood sugar tester that I knew about. I was there for nine days with food calorie counting, exercise adjusting, and insulin training. They also had two daily classes explaining what can happen with diabetes-a real awakening for me.

AdventHealth Foundation Central Florida, Volunteer of the Month

History with AdventHealth

AdventHealth has always been my hospital. In the 1990’s Dr. Crocket of Florida Hospital began extensive training for diabetic care. I was very glad to find him. His start has extended to the AdventHealth Diabetes Center which now takes care of my diabetes testing and care. They do a thorough job and they are the best I know of in Central Florida.

Translational Research

Dr. Steven Smith came to AdventHealth with the idea that advanced research can start us on the way to reduce the effects of various diseases and help to find a cure. We hope this will some day lead to a cure for diabetes and other diseases. This is a much-needed part of our future.

Why I Donate

AdventHealth is a complete hospital and everyone I meet is friendly and dedicated to their job. I must add that the staff at AdventHealth Foundation Central Florida are a pleasure to work with and very attentive to the concerns of the donors. I just want to do what I can to help further AdventHealth’s dream of a Healthy 100 for all. We are very lucky to have AdventHealth here.

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