What is the HOPE Fund? A ministry for employees who are undergoing a sudden and unexpected financial emergency through no fault of their own.

Funding: From the generous donations of employees who donate to the 1908 Society.

Who Approves Applications: The HOPE Fund committee which comprises of representatives from a variety of departments.


  • An AdventHealth Orlando regional employee for at least 90 days.
  • Employee can only receive up to $1,000 every three years.
  • Employee should be in good standing with the department. A FINAL written warning is an automatic disqualification. An employee can still qualify for help with a verbal or first written but the committee does weigh supervisor input.

Examples of applications the committee approves:

  • Hospitalization.
  • Extended illness leading to time off work.
  • Death in immediate family.
  • Homeless/ eviction notices.

Examples of applications the committee denies due to not meeting criteria of sudden and unexpected through no fault of their own:

  • Speeding tickets.
  • Behind on bills due to spending beyond means.
  • Low Census.
  • Pregnancy (unless complications such as bedrest and early delivery).

For more information please contact:

Meghan Israel
HOPE Fund Coordinator | Mission and Ministry

Central Florida Division
O Call407-303-7711 x1
F Call407-303-9595